Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?

How To Get The Best Priced Travel Insurance

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  Do You Need Travel Insurance? And If So, Which Insurance Is Right For you and the best value? In this article, we look through the different types of insurance so you can decide which is the right fit and right price for you.  We suggest some of the best insurance companies for different types of trips and some good insurance comparison sites that can help vacationers quickly find the …

When Was Lasagna Invented & Where Did Lasagna Originate?

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History of Lasagne: When was Lasagna Invented & Where Did Lasagna Originate? Is it Italian or is there a more ancient story to the origin of Lasagne? Plus, what is the difference between lasagna and lasagne? In this article & podcast, a look at all the claims for the origin of Lasagne – From Ancient Greece, to England and of course, Italy. What makes a true traditional Lasagne? What ingredients …

Ultimate Packing list for long term travel (Backpacking) *2017 Update*

Ultimate Packing list for long term travel (Backpacking) *2018 Update*

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You’re going backpacking for months, how do you decide what to leave and what to take? Long term travel is all about packing light but making sure you have all the essentials to make travel as easy as possible. This packing guide is focused for couples travel but the information is pretty universal for solo travellers too. Why is our packing list the best? The answer is, there is no …

The Benefits of Traveling Abroad

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A Food Fun Travel Guest Post Traveling abroad may seem daunting at first, but it can be one of the most rewarding and eye-opening experiences of your life. It will expand your perspective, allow you to learn about new cultures, show you more about yourself and the world around you, and so much more! That is why we made this list for you to start planning out your itinerary, pack …

Flight Delays and Cancellations: Know Your Rights

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A Food Fun Travel Guest Post Your flight can get delayed or canceled due to many reasons, such as maintenance issues, staffing problems, or weather changes. A sudden surge of confirmed COVID cases in a particular city or country can also cause an airline to change its flying schedules. Regardless of the reason, it’s crucial that you know and understand your rights when your flights are delayed or canceled. This …

11 Awesome Places to Eat & Drink In Playa Del Carmen : Playa Del Carmen Restaurants

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Playa Del Carmen can be confusing to navigate if it’s your first time visiting (or even if you haven’t been in a while) so we have put together our Top 11 Places to Eat & Drink in Playa Del Carmen Mexico so you are sure to have happy bellies and a happy vacation.

Italian Cuisine and Wine: Which Pairings to Try

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A Food Fun Travel Guest Post Italy has many things to offer to both tourists coming to the country, and locals as well, considering its impressive architecture, beautiful museums and art galleries, or tourist attractions of various sorts. Nevertheless, one thing that Italy also can provide you with is the fantastic Italian cuisine and its excellent wines. It is most certainly a privilege to visit a country that has premium …

5 Remote Countries to See on a Student Budget

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A Food Fun Travel Guest Post To our travel-ready readers and our wanderlusts seeking new adventures, look no further. The world is an oyster and it’s yours, so for those who are looking to book the next flight but have no destination in mind, here are some fresh ideas. However, before leaving home, make sure that you have all your responsibilities and school work finished. But for those who aren’t …

Best places to eat in Mexico if you travel from the United States

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A Food Fun Travel Guest Post It is hardly news that Mexico is a great holiday destination. It is one that more and more Americans are choosing to explore and enjoy. Of course, a vital part of any trip is knowing all about the food that is on offer and where you need to be heading to experience the very best.  Before you visit Mexico, you will need to make …

7 tips on how to drive safely in Dubai

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A Food Fun Travel Guest Post The Greatest. The Highest. The Biggest. Dubai is a city of extremes that stands out by its supermodern architecture in a historically conservative country. Skyscrapers, palm islands, and sunny beaches, combined with energetic nightlife, luxury shops, and terrific restaurants, turn the city into a spectacle worth admiring and visiting. A lot of people come to Dubai every year to see all of this progress …

How Seniors Can Smoothly Transition to Veganism

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The vegan lifestyle is becoming more popular by the day. Lifestyle magazine The Vou estimates that about 1% of the world’s population follows a vegan diet. Though that might seem like a small number, it actually amounts to a total of 79 million people. Vegan diets have many benefits: they make bodies less vulnerable to cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, they don’t contribute to the environmental degradation caused by meat …

All About Seasoning A Cast-Iron Skillet

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A Food Fun Travel Guest Post   It is important to learn how to season a cast-iron skillet if you own one or are planning to purchase one. Cast iron skillets are one of the best tools to have in any kitchen. You can cook anything from steak to pizza with them. It becomes naturally nonstick when properly seasoned and maintained, making it ideal for cooking.   Despite cast-iron skillets’ versatility …

Why are Ghost Kitchens Popular?

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Recent events have necessitated a dramatic shift in consumer behavior. With restrictions limiting movement to essential travel, many food and beverage services businesses took a massive hit as their clientele couldn’t partake of their offerings. Likewise, the traditional restaurants, bars, and dive-ins saw a decrease in their patrons as people had to stay home.  However, it also opened up opportunities for entrepreneurs to embrace the concept of a ghost kitchen. …

7 Tips to Create Top-Notch Travel Video

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 A Food Fun Travel Guest Post Today, technological advancements allow people to create stunning travel videos on their smartphones. It’s incredible that every person can capture unforgettable moments from their trip, with no filming or video editing experience. The best travel video camera is always in your hands, and you can immediately shoot memorable events from your trip.  But here arises the question of whether people can utilize their gadget …