Ultimate Packing list for long term travel (Backpacking) *2017 Update*

Ultimate Packing list for long term travel (Backpacking) *2022 Update*

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  You’re going backpacking for months, how do you decide what to leave and what to take? Long term travel is all about packing light but making sure you have all the essentials to make travel as easy as possible. This packing guide is focused for couples travel but the information is pretty universal for solo travellers too. Why is our packing list the best? The answer is, there is …

Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?

How To Get The Best Priced Travel Insurance

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  Do You Need Travel Insurance? And If So, Which Insurance Is Right For you and the best value? In this article, we look through the different types of insurance so you can decide which is the right fit and right price for you.  We suggest some of the best insurance companies for different types of trips and some good insurance comparison sites that can help vacationers quickly find the …

When Was Lasagna Invented & Where Did Lasagna Originate?

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History of Lasagne: When was Lasagna Invented & Where Did Lasagna Originate? Is it Italian or is there a more ancient story to the origin of Lasagne? Plus, what is the difference between lasagna and lasagne? In this article & podcast, a look at all the claims for the origin of Lasagne – From Ancient Greece, to England and of course, Italy. What makes a true traditional Lasagne? What ingredients …

How to Find the Best Places to Eat at Disneyland and Disney World

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A Food Fun Travel Guest Post Each of Disney’s theme parks is a wonderful place for people of all ages to visit, and the appeal isn’t just tied to the rides and the attractions. In fact, even something as simple as fueling up on food can be a memorable experience. There are a ton of eateries to choose between at the Disneyland and Disney World resorts, so how can you …

5 Fantastic Reasons to Travel by Bike

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A Food Fun Travel Guest Post Many people don’t think of biking as a travel option. They only do it for fun and often for short distances. But there are many more benefits than just pedaling for fun.    Whether you are exploring your local neighborhood or venturing on a cross-country tour, biking helps you exercise, enjoy fresh air, and have new adventures. It’s also a great way to build …

Nusa Dua is Bali's luxury district. A high concentration of 5 star hotels and luxury resorts with beach front and water sports. If you are looking for a vacation with a touch of class, Nusa Dua is the ideal Bali destination for you.

Visiting Indonesia: A Travel Guide to Indonesia’s Best Islands

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A Food Fun Travel Guest Post The beautiful Indonesian archipelago consists of more than 17,000 islands that are waiting to be visited. Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia and has been drawing travelers from around the world to visit the destination for decades. When planning your trip to Indonesia, it’s important to consider certain factors like the type of itinerary, the time of the year to visit the country, the …

10 Ways to Practice Self-Care That Don’t Break the Bank

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A Food Fun Travel Guest Post   Self-care. We all know we should do it, but it’s hard to make the time for it, especially when our budgets are tight.  Fortunately, in this blog post, A. Fisher & Associates through their site Debt Relief Canada break down some tried and tested self-care activities that won’t break the bank. Check out the self-care methods below so that you can relax without …

Best Places To Visit Georgia - visit Georgia Country

5 Unique Places to Visit in Georgia Country

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Georgia, while being a relatively small country, is full of unique and truly mesmerising places to visit and enjoy! Sometimes it is hard to imagine how unique and diverse this place can get- from lush forests to beautiful open plains and picturesque shorelines to towering mountains and snowy hills, it is a truly unique place suited for every visitor! In this article, we will be discussing some unique places to …

Georgian Singers - Polyphonic singing

Georgian Singing – The History of Georgian Polyphonic Singing

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There are a few things that Georgia is becoming known/famous for around the world 1. is khachapuri – in particular the adjaruli khachapuri which is a boat-shaped bread filled with cheese, butter, and an egg (but more about that in our food episode).  2. Georgian wine – Georgia is the birthplace of wine after all! But one thing that many people who are yet to visit don’t know about is …

unique travel gifts - gifts for someone going travelling

20+ Cool Travel Gifts 2022 – Gifts For Travel Lovers

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Can’t decide what to cool travel gifts to buy the travel lover in your life? It can be difficult to come up with presents to buy them. So, we have taken some of the guesswork out of your Christmas shopping this year and put together a list of Cool Travel Gifts to buy a traveler this Christmas. The perfect Gifts for travel lovers for 2022 This may really be a …

10 Best Healthy Road Trip Snacks to Bring on Your Adventure

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A Food Fun Travel Guest Post Taking a road trip can be a great escape from your busy work or just to have fun with friends and family. However, finding the perfect healthy snacks in convenience stores and gas stations along your way can be challenging. Moreover, sitting for hours and eating irregularly while driving can lead to digestive problems, such as constipation and bloating. That’s why it’s necessary to …

Ilia Chavchavadze – Important People From Georgia (podcast)

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Ilia Chavchavadze – Important People From Georgia Below is the script from our Ilia Chavchavadze episode. Please note this text is entirely unedited, or you can listen to the full podcast which is very much edited!  In this episode we are talking about national hero Ilia Chavchavadze We’ll discuss: – his life, growing up as a prince, but that didn’t save him from a life of heart ache. – why …

7 Travel Skin Care Tips: Travel Skincare Routine

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A Food Fun Travel Guest Post When you’re on the go, it’s important to have a travel skincare routine that is quick and easy to follow. By following a few simple tips, you can build a skincare routine that will keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated no matter where your travels take you. Here are seven of our favorite tips for keeping your skincare in order while traveling.   …

3 Important Safety Tips for Driving a Hire Car for the First Time

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A Food Fun Travel Guest Post If you are renting a car, there can be some pressure involved when it comes to driving the car itself. After all, not only do you need to avoid an accident but if you do run into some trouble while in the rental car, someone else is involved whenever the damage bill is added up.   So in order to avoid the mess that …