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Guide To The Best Cafes and Restaurants In Tokyo

A Food Fun Travel Guest Post

Ah, Tokyo. It is one of the brightest, busiest, and most brilliant cities in the world and Japan’s capital city, of course. While there are many reasons why you should visit this innovative city, to get a real taste of Japan, you’ve got to get yourself into the best restaurants and cafes. 

With eateries that feature everything you would expect like sushi and ramen, to restaurants where you’re served by maids, ninjas and you can even eat with pigs (yes, pigs!), you’ll find that there’s nothing else quite like dining out in Tokyo. So, tag along as we guide you to some of the best cafes and restaurants in Tokyo. 

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7. Shabu Shabu Tajimaya Haneda Airport Garden

Right off the plane, the good food and atmosphere never stop when you visit Shabu Shabu Tajimaya Haneda Airport Garden. Whether you’ve just landed in Tokyo or are looking for your last meal before heading home, this restaurant offers tender, succulent meats that burst with flavour. The pricing is quite affordable, especially their all-you-can-eat offers. 

6. Ninja Experience Cafe Asakusa

We’re all familiar with the fact that Japan is revered for ninja arts. Well, anyone who wants a taste of the glory should head to Ninja Experience Cafe Asakusa for an experience they’ll never forget. Here, you’ll get a 40-minute basic ninja training, complete with ninja clothes. Throwing ninja stars, handling katanas, and using the blowgun, by the time you’ve had your coffee, you’ll be a force to reckon with. 

5. mipig cafe Harajuku

For the animal lovers who want the cutest dining time, you won’t regret visiting mipig cafe Harajuku. This is a great cafe to visit if you want to enjoy a good meal and lift your spirits, as you’ll soon find that these adorable and clean little pigs rule the show and are hard not to love (and you get a free beverage with your booking). 

4. Teppanyaki Matenro Tokyo Sky Tree Solamachi

For a meal with the best view in Tokyo and delicious seafood and steaks, Teppanyaki Matenro Tokyo Sky Tree Solamachi will have you feeling like you’re having a meal on cloud nine. Every part of their 10-course meal is undeniably fresh and delicious. The Omakase dinner course serves a selection of grilled dishes such as abalone, lobster, sea urchin, and other seafood. The quality of the food would definitely be enough to keep this restaurant at the top of the list, but the sublime view above Tokyo, is just the cherry on top (especially at night).  

3. Sumibi Yakiniku Nakahara

For those looking for a premium spot to get authentic Wagyu beef, Sumibi Yakiniku Nakahara will make your dreams come true. Chef Nakahara leads the restaurant and showcases his expertise in preparing the best wagyu beef. That’s not all, though, because it offers a wide variety of other delicacies sourced from across Japan. These include different cuts of meat like cheeks, tongue, shoulder, and tripe. However, the wagyu katsu sando sits at the top of the list of must-try dishes.

2. @Home Maid Cafe

One thing is for sure: Maid pop culture is big in Japan, and you can’t leave the city without experiencing what it’s like to be treated like royalty. Akihabara is the birthplace of maid cafes, and out of all of them, @Home Maid Cafe is one of the cutest and most spacious. It’s an hour-long dining experience where you’ll be greeted as if you’ve just returned home. Their most popular meals include the Furifuri Shakashaka drink, Pipiyopiyopiyo Piyokosan Rice (which your maid with decorate with tomato sauce) and the Ojochama Sundae. 

1. Myojaku

For those who want to experience Tokyo’s fine dining scene, you cannot miss Myojaku. Chef Hidetoshi Nakamura’s Myojaku was bestowed two Michelin stars and is considered Tokyo’s jewel of Japanese cuisine thanks to the harmonious aesthetic, the chef’s profound skills and insights, and the food’s brilliant flavours. Everything about this restaurant is a polished ode to harmony.

Final Thoughts

Every way you look at it, Tokyo is just something extraordinary and the food and restaurants fall nothing short of this. So, pin these restaurants and cafes down as places not to be missed on your next trip to Tokyo.