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Tommo & Megsy are the husband & wife team behind Food Fun Travel

We have both been working and traveling internationally since 2006. This includes:

  • Independent Travel / Digital Nomad (Asia, Australia, Europe, North Africa & Central America)
  • Organised Tours & Press Trips (Asia, Australia, Europe & Mexico)
  • Cruise Ship Employees (Europe, Asia, North & South America, Antarctica)
  • Cruise Ship Press Trips (Asia, Europe, Australia)
  • International Musician/Vocalist (tours & residencies: Europe, Asia, Australia)

Megsy & Tommo Food Fun Travel


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Website Mission Statement

Food Worth Traveling For.
We seek out food worth traveling for – and inspire others through photography and storytelling to travel to destinations to really experience the authentic food and culture from the source.

Focusing on:

  • Food Destination Guides. What to eat and where. Gastronomy guides for the virgin traveler, or perhaps someone looking for that new dish they are yet to discover.
  • Food tours, cooking classes & activities. Getting your hands dirty and learning how to make these unique international dishes for yourself. Or perhaps touring a country in search of the best of the best of a particular countries cuisine.
  • Degustation meals. Finding the perfect bite-sized balance between local food and wine, or beer – we’re not picky. We love it all!
  • Weird and Wonderful Foods of the World. Not everything looks palatable. We are willing to put our palates and stomachs on the line to try some of the weirder traditional foods out there
  • Fun vacation activities (Because we can’t eat all day, sadly) – Scuba diving, sail trips & water sports, adventure activities (ATV, 4X4, paragliding, skydiving, zip lining), and more!
  • Boutique / design / foodie focused accommodation – Hotels with amazing restaurants and/or unique design.

Target Audience

  • 25 – 55 year old Couples. Also Male or Female solo travelers
  • Those seeking gastronomy focused vacations around the world
  • Also with an Interest in Fun and Adventure Experiences
  • Interest in travel to Asia, Australia, Central America and Europe
  • Interest in unique, design/boutique accommodation

Social media – 56k+ Followers

Followers on our main focus networks (Feb 2024)

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Please also be inspired by our photography portfolios:

How Can We Work Together?

Primary Services Summary:

Promotion / Marketing for your destination, brand or product through:

  • SEO content creation/promotion (Our articles rank on page 1 of Google)
  • Studio quality food photography – on location
  • Travel/destination photography
  • Podcast Production / Podcast Hosts (On our show The Dish, or Tbilisi Podcast for a unique episode or show for your own channel)
  • Social Media Campaigns (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Tiktok Advertising)
  • Guide Book / Destination Guide Creation (Website and/or Ebook, audio guides)
  • Freelance Writing & SEO Content Writing For Your Website / Publication

Our primary goal is QUALITY content. Well researched, comprehensive, authentic (because we actually visit the destination in person) and most of all, of practical use to readers. We help readers to more easily find answers to their travel questions, like…

What destination should I visit this year?

Where should I stay?

What should I eat & where should I eat?

What should I see & do?

Press trips, Destination Promotion & Brand Partnerships

We are available to support your brand or DMO create content & social campaigns.

Our Top Focus:

Comprehensive, SEO (Google Ranking) Destination Foodie Guides Promoting Regional Cuisine, Food Tourism & Foodie Experiences

Food Tourism / Gastronomy / Craft Beer / Wine etc. – In depth guides to promote the gastronomy of a region.

Example Content, Produced For “Experience Romania” Tourism Company: 57 Romanian Dishes & Delicacies

Example Content, Produced For Emilia Romagna Tourism Department: 37 Things To Eat in Bologna

Our Additional Content Focus Areas:

Our readers may choose a destination based on the food… But once there, they still need somewhere to stay and things to do while they are not eating! Our goal is to use SEO to get our articles in front of people who are searching for ideas on where to stay and what to do while on vacation.

By being a top resource for relevant target keywords, our readers use our guides to make decisions about which accommodation and activities to choose.

  • Written Destination Guides 

Our more general destination guides offer a roundup of top food, activities and accommodation options in a specific city or region.

For destinations willing to sponsor us for longer stays (10 to 30 days or more) we can create guide book level content which can include interactive maps, extensive photography, comprehensive destination info and a whole portfolio of photography you can use for your own destination promotion.

Example Content: 18,000 word online guide to Merida, Mexico

Destinations sponsoring us for shorter visits (2 to 9 days), allow us to produce simpler guides highlighting some local activities, restaurants and foods which the destination is currently looking to promote.

Example Content: 2,500 Words, Things To Do In Bucharest, Romania.

* Reviews of Products / Tours / Services and more

We are available to review your products and services on our blog.

Authentic reviews with our own on location photography and SEO optimization of reviews.

Our main focus areas for reviews are:

All reviews are fair, honest and include a disclaimer for reader transparency.

*Note. We are highly experienced in both Cruise retail/wholesale as well as in cruising.

* Freelance writing & Photography

Both Tommo & Megsy are available for your paid writing assignments relating to:

  • Food + Wine Travel / Experiences
  • Couples travel / Romantic Travel
  • Resorts & Luxury Travel
  • Independent travel
  • Backpacker travel
  • Blogging income
  • Cruise travel/sales
  • Working on cruise ships

Here are some examples of our past work – Published on other websites:

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Guidelines for Advertisers / Advertorials

We will only advertise or link to products and services that we believe to be of a high quality.

If you are emailing us regarding these services  include a link to what you want us to support. We need a chance to evaluate thoroughly any advertising prospect.

Please be specific, provide the following info in your request:

  • Type of advertising you are looking for (Sidebar, in-line ad, us to write the post for you, etc.)
  • Specific product, service or website you want to be advertised (provide link to more info, or email us more info)
  • If possible, a price for the service you require from us.

Contact Us

For more information about PR & Advertising opportunities, you can email us directly at [email protected]