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Acapulco, land of Fishbowl Margaritas and Cliff Divers jumping 125ft!

Mexico, a favourite place of the $5 travellers. Here’s how I sepnt my 1 day in Acapulco: spicy food, cheap coronas and a worm at the bottom of a tequila bottle……if your game!!!

If you prefer something a little less alcoholic/hallucinogenic then you can go and watch people with no fear fling themselves off 125ft (35m) cliff tops into the churning ocean below! Viva La Mexico!!!

cliff divers of acapulco

Upon arriving in Acapulco, other than feeling the beautiful warm sticky heat of Mexico, one of the first things you’ll probably feel is annoyance. Be prepared to have taxi driver after taxi driver after taxi driver ask you if you want a ride, and even though you’ve said no to the first 10 taxi’s they, for some reason, still think that asking you again when your now 20 taxi’s down will somehow change your mind. NO!

But I have come to realize that some cultures find it bizarre to walk anywhere, especially places with a warmer climate, so if your out walking they think this is crazy as no one walks in the heat and you MUST be confused and in need of a lift.

The funny thing I did then learn about Acapulco is it is very spread out along the coast line and generally to get anywhere you WILL actually need to grab a cab. They are very affordable and remember to always arrange a price before you get in. If your after a meal there are many places spread out along the coast where you can have a feed, down a couple of giant fishbowl margaritas, pick up a new dress off a hawker and paddle your toes in the ocean – all at the same place!

cliff divers of acapulco

On the beaches some of the deck chairs with umbrellas generally are not free so be careful before you sit down….you may be expected to pay!

Cliff divers of Acapulco

After getting a bit of a buzz on from having one to many margaritas it was now time to head to the cliffs of La Quebrada to watch the cliff divers. This troop do a few shows a day for tourists:
12:45 pm, 7:30 pm, 8:30 pm, 9:30 pm, and 10:30 pm.

cliff divers of acapulco

Climbing up a sheer cliff face, these men make their way to the top while still remembering to put on a good show along the way, once at the top there is only one way back down… a dive of 35 meters (125 ft) into the ocean below.

cliff divers of acapulco

The area below is know as the “Gulch” and the water depth can vary from 6 to 16 feet depending on the waves. This is quite a spectacle and a must see when visiting Acapulco the entrance fee is about 40 pesos ($3 AUD). I have heard that this is even better to witness at night where the cliff face is all lit up, but sadly I couldn’t make it to the night show.

I did also go on a coach tour around Acapulco but wouldn’t recommend it….they will generally drive you around pointing out where movie stars used to live and where films which I had never heard of had been filmed. I should have just stayed by the beach and ordered another margarita!

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