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3 of the Best Places to Enjoy Draft Beer in Germany

A Food Fun Travel Guest Post

Oh, you’re after the good stuff, eh? Picture this: you’re in Deutschland, land of beer legends, and it’s like every tap is a treasure chest of frothy delights. And trust me, they take their pour seriously here.

Get ready to cheers big time! We’re diving into the top spots that’ll have your taste buds dancing the polka with some of the finest draft beers in Germany. Prost!

Munich: A Hop Haven in Bavaria

Munich isn’t just about Oktoberfest, though that’s a beer-soaked extravaganza you shouldn’t miss. This city breathes beer with a tradition as rich as the head on a Dunkel. Let me paint you a picture. You’re nestled in one of the city’s iconic beer gardens, under a canopy of chestnut trees, sipping on something that’s been brewed within these walls since before your great-great-grandmutter was in diapers.

The real MVP here is the Hofbräuhaus. It’s like Disneyland for adults who dig their brews. This historic beer hall has been serving up since 1589, and it’s no surprise why it’s a magnet for both locals and wanderers alike. Imagine swaying to Oompah bands with your new best friends, all while clutching a Mass (that’s a liter mug) of liquid gold – that’s living, my friend!

Berlin: Craft Beer Revolution

Sorry, not sorry, Munich, but Berlin’s been stirring up a frothy storm in the beer scene recently. It’s like they took the rule book and chucked it right into the Spree River. Welcome to Berlin, where the craft beer wave invades traditional taverns with an infectious creative buzz.

Kreuzberg is where it’s at. This hip neighborhood is brimming with trendy spots where tap handles are more like wands casting enchanting spells of hoppy goodness. For real though, hit up BRLO Brwhouse – it’s a haven for experimental brewers and their brave comrades (aka you and me), thirsting for the latest liquid masterpiece.

What’s that they’ve got on tap? A Passionfruit IPA or a Chocolate Stout this week? Doesn’t matter! Pull up a pew in their massive beer garden and let those taste adventures begin. Here’s to beers that make you want to write sonnets about them!

In fact they’re so good you’ll want to have a draft beer installation carried out in your own home so that you can get that delicious ambrosia poured just right long after your German adventure has come to an end.

Cologne: A Bierstadt with Character

Cologne, where history soaks the air almost as much as the scent of freshly-poured Kölsch. It’s not just another German city; it’s a vibe, a culture, an ice-cold glass of ‘let’s get to know each other’.

Step into any Brauhaus here and you’ll be met with the city’s pride — crisp, clean Kölsch. This isn’t your garden-variety domestic beer; it’s top-fermented and protected by law.

Only in Cologne can Kölsch be called Kölsch. But wait till you meet the Köbes, Cologne’s no-nonsense traditional beer servers; they’re part of the charm offensive. Don’t sit on an empty glass too long or they’ll pop a new one down before you can say “Prost!”

Check out Früh am Dom, bang in the city center near that epic cathedral – it’s got more history than some countries! The vibe? It’s like your favorite uncle’s living room if he lived in an ancient cavernous hall and served killer beers all day. Bottoms up!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, fellow beer enthusiasts—three magical cities in Germany where the draft beer flows like the Rhine River itself. Each pint tells a story; each city reveals its own character one sip at a time. Pack your lederhosen and explore these havens of hops