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62 Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico + Merida Nightlife, Cantinas & Bars

62 Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico + Merida Nightlife, Cantinas & Bars

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Merida Restaurants: We’ve eaten out so much in Merida I’ve totally lost count of how many restaurants we ate at. But I’ve kept a detailed record of all the best ones that we loved. As food travel bloggers we spend much of our time eating (and drinking) out. This guide is a culmination of 18 months of consumption – The best restaurants in Merida Mexico and street food, cantinas, bars. Pretty much anywhere that tasted great, it’s in this mega guide.

The focus of this guide is on central Merida restaurants, bars and cantinas – within, or close to, the historic centre (centro)… BUT we’ve included just a few that are further north – simply because they have food worth getting a taxi for!

So the main area we cover stretches from Parque San Juan (Calle 69) in the south to Colonia Mexico & Itzimna (Av Jose Diaz Bolio) in the north.

We also assume the average tourist will spend up to 7 days in Merida, so there are more than enough places below to try great local cuisine as well as have a break from Mexican/Yucatecan cuisine and eat some good international options too. If you will only be in town for 48 hours or less, we’ve put together a mini food itinerary which focuses on Yucatecan and Mexican cuisine only (find that below the list of restaurants).

We’ve also created two food/drink/history walking tours which you can download free!


We have NOT been sponsored by any of the restaurants below in any way. Though we may have occasionally received a plate or two of free food, we do not adjust our opinions because of free food! Some links below may be revenue generating – meaning, if you buy something after clicking the link, we may make a commission. These commissions help us keep this blog content free.

Restaurants close down sometimes, so always double check their facebook pages before just turning up – just search them on facebook.

Some links in this article may generate commissions for us which help fund our blog and help us keep producing content to help you travel.

Table Of Contents

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico

Merida Mexico Map – Our Interactive Tourist Map Of The Yucatan which has the exact location of all restaurants & bars on this list.

Mexican & Yucatan Restaurants (Best For Cuisine Of The Region)

Budget Meals, Street Food & Best Tacos Merida (Yucatecan & Mexican)

Food & Cantina Walking Tour (Free Map)

Brunch & Breakfast Merida (Mexican & International)

Seafood Restaurants Merida Mexico

Pizza & Burger Bar Merida Restaurants

Steak House Merida (And Meat Centric Restaurants)

Vegetarian & Vegan Merida Restaurants

Other International Cuisine

Less than 48 hours in Merida? Where to eat.


Merida Nightlife, Cantinas & Bars

Best Cantinas Merida

Food & Cantina Walking Tour (Free Map)

Craft Beer & Wine Bars

Late Night Bars / Night Clubs / Live Music



Merida Mexico Map – Our Interactive Tourist & Restaurant Map Of The Yucatan

Our interactive Google map overlay lists the exact (verified) locations of all the restaurants & bars from this article – plus many other points of interest, cenotes, Mayan Ruins, Accommodation, Haciendas and more for visitors to the Yucatan & Riviera Maya.

Get Free Access To Our Yucatan Tourism Map Now!

This map is different from our food/drink/history tour map, which you can download below.

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico – Criteria

Prices: Merida is an affordable city, so I judge pricing based on local purchasing power.

$: A budget restaurant will feed you for 100 pesos ($5) or less per person.

$$: Intermediate restaurants, expect to pay about $10 per person + drinks.

$$$: Anywhere that a main course + starter is over about $20 total per person is expensive, by Merida standards.

There is a mix of options in all price ranges below.

For restaurant choices below I’ve considered a few essential criteria that they have to meet in order to qualify as one of the best restaurants in Merida Mexico:

Food consistency: Do they have multiple dishes that are good / If you visit to eat the same thing a second time, is it still good.

Value: I hate paying fine dining prices for a dish that is less tasty than street food. I won’t pay for better ambiance at the sacrifice of tasty food. Even if I’m “paying” for the ambiance, I still expect the food to meet a minimum standard that leaves me excited about eating it.

A Stand Out Dish: Maybe not every dish on the menu can be perfect, but 1 incredible dish on a menu can turn an average restaurant into a restaurant worth visiting again. I mention specific dishes throughout this article.

So, The best restaurants in Merida Mexico…

Mexican & Yucatecan Restaurants (Best For Cuisine Of The Region)

Yucatecan cuisine is distinctly different from the rest of Mexican cuisine. It’s heavily influenced by Mayan cuisine. I wrote a massive guide on what to eat in the Yucatan – with 50+ dishes to try. So read that for some ideas on what to eat… Now, where to eat!

Traditional restaurants serving Yucatecan food normally open from about 1pm to 7pm. This varies, with a few opening to 10pm. It is standard to eat a big lunch in Yucatan at around 3pm. So if you are turning up for dinner at 6pm, most places will be emptying out. So eat at the local time for the best experience.

Manjar Blanco

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: Queso Relleno @ Manjar Blanco Merida

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: Queso Relleno @ Manjar Blanco Merida

Manjar Blanco is the superstar of mouth wateringly good Yucatecan cuisine. They just do everything better than the competition (though Kinich in Izamal, and El Príncipe Tutul Xiu are also top notch).

But for my money, Manjar Blanco is one of the two best restaurants in Merida Mexico for local cuisine.

We’ve now eaten almost every item on the menu at Manjar blanco and I can recommend almost everything – especially the Queso Relleno (Edam cheese stuffed with pork mince), Lomitos de Valladolid (Slow cooked pork in tomato), Panuchos & Salbutes (deep fried tortillas) with cochinita pibil (local pulled pork). Also, the longaniza (smoked sausage) as part of the mixed platter.

$$: Manjar blanco have taken traditional Yucatecan food and made it the best it can be. Don’t miss it. Open 7 days, 8am to 6pm (lunch starts at midday).

La Prospe del Xtup

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: Prospe del Xtup Platter

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: Prospe del Xtup Platter

The second of the two best restaurants in Merida Mexico for local cuisine…

La Prospe del Xtup has an extensive Yucatecan menu, including sharing platters where you can try many different traditional dishes at once. They also have an interior courtyard area for evening dining, as well as air-conditioned spaces for hot days. Unlike Manjar blanco, they are open until 10pm to suit the needs of tourists. Speaking of which, the restaurant feels more aimed at tourists than other options, but the food is genuinely high quality and a great representation of the flavors of Yucatan.

The “Combinado del Xtup” is the perfect size for 4 people (or 3 hungry people!). For individual dishes, try the Pollo Pibil (Chicken in tomato with achiote & Sour orange), Relleno Negro (Turkey in a smokey black sauce), Lomitos de Valladolid (Slow cooked pork in tomato).

$$: 11am to 10pm, 7 Days.

Los Almendros

Best Merida Restaurants: Trio of Salbutes @ Los Almendros

Merida Restaurants: Trio of Salbutes @ Los Almendros

Los Almendros has been an institution in Merida for over 60 years. Though the restaurant interior feels a little dated, they are still serving up some of the most authentic Yucatecan cuisine. For many dishes, On Mondays (lunch) they have one of the most traditional meals in the Yucatan – pork and beans. It’s a simple home-style favorite. Also, on fridays, a queso relleno stuffed with shrimp, instead of pork. If you only have one opportunity to eat Yucatecan cuisine in Merida though, Manjar Blanco above is a must. Los Almendros is a good 3rd choice after the above, if you have longer here.

$$: They open to meet tourist hours 11am – 10pm, but it’s normally very quiet after 7pm. Dining during the afternoon you may get some live acoustic music.

Non-Yucatecan Mexican Restaurants

Mexican cuisine in Merida is divided between the budget options (See below) – like Al pastor, carnitas, alambres (mixed meat/cheese plates to fill your tortillas with), and the higher end places crafting beautiful dishes made from typical mexican ingredients. If you look somewhere like tripadvisor, you’ll find Yucatecan and Mexican cuisine all clumped into one category. But the cuisine styles actually differ a lot.

Although Yucatecan influence is hard to avoid in Merida, the below choices are more Mexican / Latin and less Yucatecan.


Maíz de lo Alto – Mexican Cuisine

Merida Restaurants: Shortrib tacos @ Maiz de lo Alto

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: Shortrib – best tacos Merida @ Maiz de lo Alto

If you want to eat your tacos in a comfortable air conditioned restaurant, rather than at a street cart, then Maiz de lo Alto is the perfect place to sample gourmet tacos as well as some other expertly executed Mexican cuisine. The costillas (short rib) tacos and the pulpo con chicharron (octopus & crispy pork skin) tacos are a must. Also, try out one of their excellent cocktails.

$$: 1pm – midnight. Tues to Sunday. Closes 6pm Sundays.


Rosa Sur 32 – Mediterranean Inspired Mexican Fusion

Merida Restaurants: Clam ravioli @ Rosa Sur 32

Merida Restaurants: Clam ravioli @ Rosa Sur 32

Rosa Sur 32 is situated in Merida’s popular dining zone – parque Santa Lucia. Every evening the park is buzzing with activity and 6+ restaurants all have outside dining areas fill much of the park. Regular live music and other events happen on the permanent stage at the back corner of the park. Dining in the park is a great experience no matter which restaurant you choose, but Rosa Sur 32 is my choice for tastiest food. The menu changes, but try the tortellini, and search out one of their duck dishes.

$$$: They are tucked away behind the main stage, so it’s best to dine when they do not have loud events (avoid thursday 9pm to 11pm). Apoala Merida is also a popular choice for Mexican (Oaxacan) cuisine in the park – more on them below.


El Apapacho – Oaxacan-Mexican Cuisine

Merida Restaurants: Oxacan cuisine @ Apapacho

This is a budget friendly restaurant kicking out some very tasty food. Try the “Mole” (Sort of like Mexico’s answer to curry), the sopa azteca (a rich tomato soup) and pretty much anything with Oaxaca cheese in! They also have an extensive list of vegetarian options.

The venue itself with it’s little home style kitchen and garden area full of murals, has a bit of hipster vibe. They also have a little art gallery upstairs. It’s not for fine dining or people watching, just for a chilled evening in a private space. Waiters mostly speak English. No alcohol but their fresh flavoured waters are very refreshing.

$: 12.30pm – 10pm Wed – Mon. Breakfast served at weekends (apparently_

Amaro – Mexican, Latin & Yucatecan Cuisine

Best Merida Restaurants: Prawn Stuffed Avocado @ Amaro

Merida Restaurants: Prawn Stuffed Avocado @ Amaro

Ammaro has a fantastic location right in the heart of downtown Merida – just a block from the cathedral. The restaurant is housed in a lovely open internal courtyard and they have regular Latin acoustic music. For location and atmosphere, it’s a great choice.

When it comes to food, the menu is a mix of Latin, Yucatecan and international. From shrimp stuffed avocado to pizza. Cochinta (Yucatecan pulled pork) to enchiladas. The menu, like many in the tourist centre, is designed to keep everyone happy at the cost of not being super adventurous. But the food quality is higher than most tourist places and the prices are reasonable. A perfect choice if you don’t want to venture far from the centre and better than the other restaurants nearby.

$$ to $$$: 11am – 1 am, 7 days.

Recommendations From Expats/Locals (Yucatecan): La Chaya Maya Merida – ask any taxi driver where to eat a nice Yucatecan meal and they all seem to say La Chaya Maya Merida. I haven’t yet discovered if it’s because it’s just the place all the tour groups go, or if the taxi drivers actually like it?

We visited as a group of six and ordered a lot of dishes… compared to the above restaurants, I found the food very bland. That said the service was excellent, the venue (they have two, we visited the one in Santa Lucia, which is nicer decor) was a beautifully restored colonial building. But we go out for good food, not just decor, and La Chaya Maya Merida, being that we’ve eaten all across the state, just doesn’t nail Yucatecan cuisine at all. It makes me sad that they feed thousands of tourists each year and those people leave thinking “That is Yucatecan food”, without getting to taste Yucatecan food at it’s best.

Recommendations From Expats/Locals (Oaxacan): Apoala MeridaThe highly rated Oaxacan restaurant in Santa Lucia Park.

Merida Restaurants: ShortRib Starter @ Apoala Merida

Merida Restaurants: ShortRib Starter @ Apoala Merida

The location is buzzing which is generally a good thing – though we were constantly hassled by hawkers whilst trying to eat there. Honestly, Apoala does have some great food and a lot of expats rave about this place. Pretty much anything with short rib that we’ve tried has been very good. The Aguachile de Pescado Blanco y Coco (Fish aguachile with coconut) has me close to wanting to return. But my bench mark for any restaurant to get 5/5 stars at this price point has to be that they serve something I dream about eating again and will miss if I can never have it again…

Apoala Merida didn’t hit that mark… Plus they also served some distinctly average dishes – like the Oaxaquenan beef steak and the prawns with pesto hollandaise. I think most people will enjoy their Apoala Merida experience – possibly more than Amaro – so long as you go in with lower expectations than the tripadvisor reviews suggest you should have.

$$$: 1pm – midnight, 7 days. close 10pm Sundays


Best restaurants in Merida Mexico for: Budget Meals, Street Food & Best Tacos Merida (Yucatecan & Mexican)

Every local has their favourite taco place… or, in Merida, it’s often more about the tortas (small sandwiches) or panuchos / Salbutes (deep fried tortilla tacos). Given the sheer number of places, I can only be massively subjective and say that of the many tacos I’ve eaten the last 18 months, there are some places I just keep going back to whenever I want an amazing budget meal.

Still, although we love tacos and released a 2 part podcast all about tacos, eating budget in Merida is not 100% about tacos.

La Lupita @ Mercado Santiago

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: La Lupita @ Mercado Santiago

La Lupita is the only place I’ve had panuchos better than Manjar Blanco (above). Panuchos are deep fried tortillas stuffed with mashed beans. They go a little crispy, but you can still fold them a little around some succulent fillings. Traditionally eaten with turkey (or even just vegetables / salad) a more recent innovation is to fill them with cochinita or lechon (pulled pork). At La Lupita, the Lechon Panuchos with cuerito (crispy skin) are unbelievable! One of our favorite dishes in Merida.

This is why it’s one of the stops on our self guided Merida food & cantina walking tour.

$: 7am – 1pm.

Wayan’e – Tacos Guisados

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: Best Tacos Merida @ Wayan’e

Wayan’e (pronounced Why-an-eee) is a taco & torta institution in Merida since the early 90’s. Its one of the best restaurants in Merida Mexico for Taco selection, with overloaded little tacos for only about 12 pesos (60 cents) and a myriad of fillings to choose from, everyone leaves happy. Unmissable is the “chilibull” a porky-tomato tongue tantalizer. Also great are the pollo hulk (Chicken with a bright green cilantro sauce), enfrijolada (shredded pork and beans) and well, most of the menu. The local favourite is the castacan (pork belly) and cheese – it’s seriously heavy, and their castacn lacks the crunch that you can find elsewhere. Still worth a try though.

$: 8am – 2.30pm. Arrive before 11am as some of the best fillings sell out early. Visit the downtown restaurant on calle 59, or the original taco bar in Itzimna.

Javis al Pastor Tacos and tortas

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: Al Pastor style Best Tacos Merida @ Javis

Al Pastor – towers of bright red pork (dyed with achiote) spinning on a vertical rotisserie. The crispy outside edges shaved into a tortilla and served with cilantro, pineapple and a variety of sauces.

The best pastor should be shaved and served immediately. If you see vendors who shave it, then chop it and keep it cooking on a hotplate, run away! That method dries out the meat.

At Javis al pastor, you’ll get big slices of pastor straight off the trompos. Our personal preference, the “pastor gringas”, served on a white tortilla with melted cheese. A-mazing! NOTE: This restaurant is in a dirty back corner behind the central market. If you are squeamish in any way about street food, this is not the place for you. They also sometimes try to overprice the food for tourists (happened to us occasionally) and don’t always add pineapple unless you ask. With all those potential negatives, we keep going back because… It’s twice as good as any other pastor we’ve tried in Merida.

$: Opening times are unclear – definitely from 9am into the late afternoon, possibly evening too.

Javis al Pastor are not listed on google maps – get our Merida & Yucatan Map to get the exact location – and the exact locations for every restaurant in this article.

Las Vigas – Tex Mex

Merida Restaurants: BBQ Ribs (Costillas) @ Las Vigas

Las Vigas is an upstairs sports bar, some may call it a dive bar, it is to some extent. They are serving up a mix of Mexican and Tex-Mex at a very cheap price. It’s incredibly popular with locals and many expats too. The food may not be refined but it’s amazing for the price – and some items, like the arrachera (flank steak) nachos feature the best tasting arrachera I’ve had – better than many fancy steak houses we’ve been to. The 69 peso ($3.50) bbq ribs and fries are unbeatable at that price point.

Las Vigas has aircon, and buckets of beer for just over $5USD. It’s every budget travelers dream. but it’s great no matter your budget. Plus it’s one of the best restaurants in Merida Mexico for value for money that close to Plaza Grande. It’s a little tricky to find. Las Vigas is up a small staircase just inside the open entrance way to Los Arcos hotel.

$: 8am to midnight, 7 days, open to 2am Fri/Sat

Cocina Economica La Lupita – San Sebastián

Merida Restaurants: Cocina Economica La Lupita in San Sebastian

Cocina Economica literally means budget kitchen. In Merida, these are hole in the wall, home style restaurants that typically open for brunch/lunch. They serve up daily rotating menu of soul food – from Albondigas (meatballs), simple stews like bistec de cazuela, and Yucatecan food like relleno blanco (turkey in a white sauce), panuchos and more.

There are many to choose from, but one of our favourites is Cocina Economica La Lupita (not to be confused with La Lupita Santiago above). It’s clean, does great food and is always popular with locals. A big meal with sides (like rice/spaghetti) normally comes in around 70 pesos.

$: 8am to 5pm – Lunch from about 11.30. Specials may sell out before 5pm.

Pavo Feliz (Happy Turkey)

Merida Street Food: El Pavo Feliz in Centro

Yucatecan street food in a downtown market. Pavo Feliz is conveniently close to the main cathedral. You can get a real feel for the street food scene here in Merida – which focuses much more on counter service in markets, than on street carts.

This place is bustling during peak times. You’ll get all the standard local fast food: tortas, panuchos, salbutes, tacos with the typical fillings like Relleno Negro (Turkey in a smokey black stew), Lomitos de Valladolid (Pork stewed in tomato), as well as some seafood options.

The relleno negro here is a good choice for newbies as it’s smokey but mild on the chili. You can ask for it in a salbute. I’d still recommend La Lupita @ Santiago Market as a better option for classic Yucatecan street food. But Pavo Feliz is a good down and dirty choice for it’s central location.

$: (Not recommended if you are super hygiene sensitive). 7am to 3pm. Gets quiet after 1pm, best to go early for the freshest options. It’s a little tricky to find, the exact location is on our Merida tourist map.


El Compa – Beef Tacos From Central Mexico

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: Beef Tongue Tacos @ El Compa

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: Beef Tongue: Best Tacos Merida @ El Compa

El Compa serve beef head tacos – before you run screaming, these are a Mexican delicacy and are nowhere near as strange as they sound. The beef tongue, beef cheek and mollejas (sweetbreads) tacos at El Compa are world-changingly good. El Compa is quite north of centro, outside of the area I wanted to include in this list, but made the list because it really is worth the taxi ride.

$: 6pm – 12am.


Eladios take Botanas (free snacks) to the next level. Every time you buy a drink, you get a whole new set of plates of food. After 3 or 4 drinks you are stuffed! The courses normally start off basic – little snack plates, some vegetables etc. But move all the way through tacos to full plated meals by round 4. Drink prices are above average, but getting a full blown meal as a bonus makes it very economical. You can normally walk away full and a little drunky for about 200 pesos ($11). Some dishes are better than others, you can always try and hint to the server what you might prefer. The “Niño Envueltos” (Meat stuffed cabbage rolls) are some of the best.

Eladios has branches all over Merida and on Progreso beach. The branch on calle 59 in downtown is normally the easiest for tourists staying in Centro.

$ to $$ (But really you are paying for drinks!): 11.30am – 9pm, 7 days. Peak times (with the best turnover of botanas) is from 2pm to 6.30pm. Expect live entertainment that can get loud. Sit at the back if you want conversation.

Los Trompos

Outside Los Trompos & La Parrilla – When the street is closed after 9pm Fri/Sat

Los Trompos is a popular Merida chain with restaurants all over the city. They serve all the Mexican favourites, from al pastor to alambre (meat/veg/cheese mix plate), queso fundido (Cheese fondue) and many more taco/nacho creations. Their central location is just one block north of the Cathedral. On Fri/Sat (and sometimes Thursdays) they put chairs out in the street after 9pm. They are always busy and the food, while not out of this world, is consistently decent and will keep both your taste buds and wallet satisfied. Plus, they are open for late night food.

Don’t make it your first stop in Merida, but if you are around for a while, it’s a fun cheap place for evening dining.

$ to $$ (depends how hungry you are): 7.30am to 1am (2am Fri / Sat)

Food & Cantina Walking Tour (Free Map)

Two complete walking routes to choose from – visit up to 9 stops per route including popular street food, sightseeing historical spots, local cantinas and bars and some of our favourite restaurants. Get our FREE google map overlay and easily navigate your way through our tasty tour.

Get The Free Map & Walking Tour Now.


Brunch & Breakfast Merida (Mexican & International)

We don’t breakfast out much… We prefer sleeping. But, when we are not just heading out for tacos or panuchos for brunch, we have a few favourite brunch places (which do open early enough for you early breakfast eaters too)

El Barrio Cafe

Breakfast Merida: El Barrio Cafe

Breakfast Merida: El Barrio Cafe

Breakfast Lasagna! Think lasagna but constructed with breakfast items – hash browns as the lasagna sheets, bacon and eggs instead of ground meat and white sauce. El Barrio cafe puts an interesting and Mexicanized spin on breakfast classics.

$ to $$: 8.30am – 2.30pm everyday

Manjar Blanco

Breakfast Merida: Temozon pork & eggs @ Manjar Blanco

Breakfast Merida: Temozon pork & eggs @ Manjar Blanco

Our favourite Yucatecan restaurant is back, because they also serve awesome Yucatan style breakfast dishes from 8am – midday. From the local classic Huevos Motuleños to my personal favourite, Temozon smoked pork scrambled eggs. Turn up at midday and you can sometimes convince them to mix and match brunch and lunch menu items…

Maiz, Canela y Cilantro

Breakfast Merida: Huevos Motuleños @ Maiz, Canela y Cilantro

Open for breakfast, brunch and lunch. Discover some ever popular Yucatecan & Mexican dishes at this hole in the wall restaurant with a home style kitchen – you can watch mama cook as you sit in the dining room.

$ to $: 8am to 5pm, Mon to Sat for breakfast then Lunch.


Breakfast Merida: Arrachera Chilaquiles @ Chilakillers

Breakfast Merida: Arracherra Chilaquiles @ Chilakillers

Chilakillers is all about one of Mexico’s favorite breakfast dishes: Chilaquiles. Tortilla chips topped lots of sauce and various other things. It’s a messy yet beautiful way to start any day in Mexico. At Chilakillers you can build your own dish – choose yellow or blue tortilla chips, the meat of your choice, the sauce, and extras like a fried egg.

Try the castacan (pork belly) chilaquiles – beware, many calories! Or the arrachera (marinated flank steak). Also, the reductivo juice – with pineapple and ginger – is a winner!

$: 9am to 5pm: All day breakfast, but with some additional lunch options in the afternoon.

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: Seafood

Although the best seafood locally is at the coast (Los Pampanos in Celestún. Yum Ixpu in Progreso), or outside of central Merida (El Pez Gordo, Kraken, La Fondita de Celestún), there are some good options in centro too – mostly in the budget to mid-price range (Mains under $10USD / 200 pesos).

The Yucatan & Campeche coastlines account for almost 90% of all octopus caught in Mexico. Check out our Yucatecan food guide for more tips on what seafood dishes to try in the Yucatan.

Seafood restaurants typically open from around 12pm to 6pm only.

Peter Pan-cho III

Restaurants Merida: Peter Panchos, Pescado Frito

Pescado Frito may not be pretty – But it’s delicious!

This quirky backstreet restaurant seems to be empty all the time… It’s sad really. They fry up the crispiest pescado frito (whole fried fish) in central Merida. Crispy skin, succulent white fish inside. The prawns are also consistently good. (I can’t vouch for Peter Pan-cho I or II.)

The restaurant itself will not wow you with it’s lackluster appearance, but it’s worth it for the crispy fish and consistently excellent service. Order a drink and you also get free botanas (snacks) including fish ceviche and fish kibis (little fish cakes).

$$: 11am – 6pm, 7 days

El Marlin Azul

Merida Restaurants: Pulpo Frito Ceviche @ Marlin Azul

Merida Restaurants: Pulpo Frito Ceviche @ Marlin Azul

El Marlin Azul has a very central location just a block or so north of the cathedral square (Plaza Grande). They serve solidly reliable seafood options like pulpo frito ceviche, sizzling prawn fajitas and more at an affordable price. It’s not wow factor food, but you’ll leave satisfied. It’s a whole in the wall place with basic furnishings, but clean.

$ to $$: 10am to 8pm, 7 days.

Expat/Local Recommendations: La Pigua seems to make it into every guide. It’s high end seafood just north of centro. I’ve heard mixed reviews in the realm of “overpriced for the quality” to “simply amazing”. We hope to make it there before we leave Merida. Leave us a comment if you tried it already.


Pizza & Burger Bar Merida Restaurants

No matter where we travel, at some point we are going to need a pizza or burger. It’s just the way we are wired.

Although pizza is everywhere in Merida, it’s not a high quality pizza city. As pizza is our number 1 food preference, period, we worked relentlessly to find outstanding pizza in Merida. After trying more than 15 places, the top 3 which make it to an almost international standard are below…

As for burgers, most sports bars, cantinas and restaurants, if they have any international food option, it’s probably a burger. It’s been hard to find truly amazing burgers in centro, so be prepared to be a little underwhelmed. But when you need that fix…

Pizza E Core – Real Italian Pizza

Best Pizza Merida @ Pizza E Core

Best Pizza Merida @ Pizza E Core

Pizza E Core has one of the few Italian pizza chefs in Merida – all the way from Ancona on the east coast of Italy. The pizza is not quite Napoli style, but it is about the closest to the real thing you’ll get in the area. Great quality toppings – including good mozzarella – make these pizzas sing.

$ – $$: The wood oven is roaring from 6.30pm, Tues to Sat. No alcohol served and the interior is not ideal for dining. Better as a take-out place.

Esvedra Downtown – Pizza & Mixology

A very classy but dark garden seating area. Their downtown location is close to Santa Lucia Park.

Wood fired, big thin crust pizza with a relatively crispy base, but not too crispy. They’ve got a great selection of toppings to choose from but the 4 cheeses is always a winner with a deliciously balanced blend of queso.

$$: 6pm – 3am Tues to Sun


Wookies Burger – Burger Bar Merida

Best Burger Bar Merida @ Wookies Burger

Best Burger Bar Merida @ Wookies Burger Bar Merida

Wookies is a hole in the wall burger bar in Merida with an extensive home made burger menu – all themed around classic computer games. The Mario Bros. 3 burger, my personal favorite, is topped with cheese fingers, crispy bacon and mushrooms. Juicy delicious. This is our number one choice for a dirty burger in central Merida and one of the only places that is hitting it at an international standard. No alcohol served.

$: Mon to Sat, 7pm to 12am.

La Linda – Craft Beer, Mexican & Burger Bar Merida

Merida Restaurants: Brie Burger @ La Linda Mexican Cuisine & Burger Bar Merida

Merida Restaurants: Brie Burger @ La Linda Mexican Cuisine & Burger Bar Merida

Craft beer, burgers and Mexican dining. I’ll talk more about the La linda’s locally brewed beer in the craft beer section below. But their burgers are a reasonable choice for meaty satisfaction in centro. They have a brie burger, bacon avocado burger, a classic bbq burger and a vegan Merida burger. Great central location. The down sides… unwelcoming decor and they only serve yuca fries – which are somewhere between strange and awful.

I’ve personally found the food quality to be inconsistent and I mainly go for the beer, not the food. But as burgers I’ve tried around Merida Centro have been generally average (A few places in North Merida are better), La Linda gets a mention – the burgers are sometimes awesome. Seems to be hit and miss.

$$: Tues to Thurs 1-10pm, Fri/Sat 1-12am.

Expat Recommendations…

Bryans Burger – I’ve heard mixed reviews but they do have a decent selection of burgers. Strangely, they serve the burgers with potato chips, rather than fries?? With most of their 8oz burgers costing over 200 pesos, a high price for a burger in Merida, I haven’t been convinced to try them. As one local friend told me “Bryans burgers taste about the same as Wookies burger bar, but double the price and with less selection of toppings”. If you want a burger in a fancy atmosphere,  Bryan’s may be a good choice.

Eskondida New York Pizza – I found the dough strangely sweet and flaky almost like pastry, but people from the USA seem to love this pizza place – as do the tripadvisor reviews. Maybe we got an unlucky serving.

Steak House Merida (And Meat Centric Restaurants)

La Rueda – Steak house Merida

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: La Rueda Steakhouse Merida

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: La Rueda Steakhouse Merida

There are many reasons to recommend La Rueda steak house Merida, but they could make this list on the merits of one dish alone: Mollejas – Bbq’d sweetbreads (Thymus gland). It may sound a little odd, but it’s phenomenal and done here better than anywhere else we’ve tried.

The steaks are also good, and the wood fired pizza is reasonable too (evening only). It’s not the absolute best steak in Merida (For that, you might want to try Sonora grill in north Merida) but they are very reasonably priced for what you get. Still, I keep returning for the Mollejas. The steak is more like a bonus…

$$ to $$$: 12.30 to 5pm & 7.30pm to midnight

Mr Pampas – Brazilian BBQ (All You Can Eat)

I’m a sucker for all you can eat… And when people are continuously bringing cuts of meat to my plate, how can I say no? That said, it’s not just about the quantity. Although the quality may not win awards, there have been some very tasty cuts coming out of the kitchen at Mr Pampas. The filet wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheese. The picaña (a Brazilian cut with a layer of crispy seared fat). Or even their Arabe Pork trompos (so far the best tasting version of this Mexican/Lebanese fusion pork dish I’ve had in Merida).

$$ to $$$: Their ongoing evening deal makes all you can eat for about $10 USD, an experience that will please any wallet. Go after 7.30pm Mon to Sat for the deal. But they are also open for Lunch – Midday to midnight.


Soberana SteakHouse – Santa Lucia

A quality steakhouse located right in the heart of centro – with al fresco dining options in Santa Lucia park, as well as an air-conditioned interior area.

As well as traditional steaks the rib eye ceviche was a surprising and pleasurable experience.

$$$: 7.30am to Midnight (I don’t know anything about the breakfast)


Food Blogger Recommendations… 130° – Steak house Merida: A high end steak house (By Typical Mexican Prices) with some excellent cuts of beef. Perfect for date night. Thanks to our fellow food/travel blogger, Nathan at foodieflashpacker for this suggestion.

Vegetarian & Vegan Merida Restaurants

Following hot on the heels of all that meat, veggie & vegan Merida restaurants. If you didn’t figure this out already, the Yucatan is not a vegan friendly region. Even the empanadas are normally fried in pork fat. Although some places like Amaro and Apapacho (listed above) definitely try to cater to vegetarians, there are not many places that are 100% vegan or vegetarian friendly.

Numen – Creative Vegan Cuisine

Vegan Merida Restaurants: Numen

Vegan Merida Restaurants: Numen

Pretty much the only choice for 100% Vegan Merida restaurants we’ve found is Numen. It’s quite north of the main centro area, but they are producing high quality vegan versions of classic dishes. A vegan al pastor, or perhaps a deconstructed vegan lasagna. The menu varies but it’s always 100% vegan friendly.

Expat Recommendation: LoQueHay Cafe – LoQueHay Cafe is one of the only decent vegan/vegetarian restaurants in downtown Merida. It’s also the only place on this list I’m personally recommending that we haven’t been to. We don’t go out of our way to eat vegan food, unless it’s very creative (like at Numen). But LoQueHay cafe comes highly recommended by local friends. It’s good, non-pretentious fare.

Only open 7-10pm tues to sat.

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: Other International Cuisine

I believe most tourists on a short trip will already have been satisfied with the Mexican and Yucatecan cuisine, but for those hankering for something a little more international, our preferred

Eureka Cucina – Italian

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: Eureka Cocina

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: Eureka Cucina

Focused on everything Italian, other than pizza. Expect exquisitely crafted pasta, meat dishes, salads and… don’t miss the carrot soup, I think each serving contains about 1lb of butter – it’s divine! The hand made pasta is also a must.

$$$: Tues – Sat 1.30 – 11pm. Sun 1pm – 4.30pm

La Terrazza – Lebanese Cuisine

There was a large wave of Lebanese immigration to the Yucatan in the late 19th century. As such, some parts of Lebanese cuisine have become common in restaurants across the state. At La Terrazza you’ll find many Lebanese classics, mixed with some Yucatecan influences. But traditional dishes like fried kibis, labne, tabbouleh and more are really great here.

It should be noted though that the restaurant feels a like a canteen. Harsh white lighting and plain white tiles. What it lacks in ambiance it makes up for with delicious food and great prices. But if you are only in town briefly, it’s not the ambiance you want for a vacation.

$: Only open Friday 8pm – 12, Saturday 12-4 & 8pm – 12, and Sunday lunch.

El Peruano – Peruvian

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: Nikkei Ceviche @ Peruano

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: Nikkei Ceviche @ Peruano

Peruvian ceviche is a whole other world to Yucatecan ceviche. El Peruano faithfully represents quality Peruvian cuisine. Try the Nikkei Ceviche (Peruvian-Japanese fusion) at El Peruano or a real treat. Located right next to Santa Lucia Park.

$$ to $$$: 1pm – 1am, 7 days. Closes 10pm Sundays.

Younghees Kitchen – Korean

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: Bibimbap @ Yonghees Kitchen

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: Bibimbap @ Yonghees Kitchen

The Yucatan has had immigration from South Korea since 1905, with a big new wave in the 1990s. Having spent 6 weeks living in South Korea, we were very pleased to find that Younghees kitchen offers the true flavor of South Korea. Try the bulgogi, and pretty much everything else on the menu, it’s all good!

$$: Wed to Saturday 11am – 4pm, opens at 9am on Saturday.

La Cubanita – Cuban

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: Ropa Vieja @ La Cubanita

Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico: Ropa Vieja @ La Cubanita

The close proximity of Merida to Cuba means you often feel Cuban influence through the music, food and culture in the city. La cubanita offers simple home cooked versions of Cuban favourites. From pork ribs and ropa vieja (Shredded beef stew), to a beautifully rustic cuban sandwich. They’ve shot up the ranks on tripadvisor, and are listed as one of the best restaurants in Merida, and hence get a lot of tourists visiting – but the food has maintained it’s home cooked charm.

$: Mon – Sat 8am – 4pm. Meals of the day often sell out before 3pm, so don’t go too late.


Locals & Expats favourites: Oliva (Italian) $$$ – Is widely regarded as one of the best restaurants in Merida Mexico for Italian food, and they have 2 convenient central locations to choose from. We only tried one dish from Oliva (as part of a multi-chef tasting menu) and it did not inspire us to visit the restaurant to try more. Consistency is important to us, especially for higher priced restaurants. So it’s always concerning when a chef doesn’t bring their A-game every time…

Still, expats love Oliva and reservations are normally essential. So it’s somewhere worth considering – let us know in the comments if you visit.

Less than 48 hours in Merida? Where to eat.

So, you are on a very short trip? Or just passing through? What are the absolute MUSTS?

I’ll assume if you are only in town briefly that you’ll want to try the most authentic Mexican & Yucatecan food.

DAY 1:

  1. Breakfast / Brunch at La Lupita @ Santiago Market. The cochinita & lechon panuchos are the best!
  2. Lunch: Manjar Blanco in Santa Ana. Try from the following options: Sopa de Lima (Starter), Queso Relleno, Lomitos de Valladolid.
  3. Dinner in Santa Lucia Park, mainly for the great atmosphere: Rosa Sur 32 (not Thursdays) or Apoala

DAY 2:

  1. Breakfast at Manjar Blanco or Chilakillers (Chilakillers is very filling though! So best only if you are having early breakfast)
  2. Lunch: Eladios (If you want lively) OR Marlin Azul for pulpo frito ceviche.
  3. Dinner: Prospe Del Xtup for peaceful with great traditional Yucatecan Cuisine OR Amaro for live music and Mexican/International OR Los Trompos if you are on a budget.



Merida Nightlife, Cantinas & Bars

Best Cantinas Merida Centro

Traditional cantinas actually close at 10pm

Since we published our Ultimate Guide To Merida last year, our picks for central Merida nightlife choices have barely changed. But here’s a re-cap with a few new additions and some updates.

La Negrita Merida

Cantinas Merida Centro: La Negrita Cantina

Cantinas Merida Centro: La Negrita Cantina

La Negrita Merida: The cities most famous cantina, established in 1917. Things have changed a lot since then. Today, it’s one of the busiest places in town. It’s often a 20+ minute wait for a table between 5pm and 8.30pm, but if you want to be in one of the liveliest venues, then that’s the price you pay.

A large back garden, daily live cuban/latin music, great drink prices (50 pesos for 1 litre – 34oz – draught beers). They also have a mezcal menu. Free botanas (snacks) all day – but the best botana are to be had before 4pm. Food menu options can be hit and miss – the cochinita tacos are a good choice though.

Order their ojo rojo – a blend of clamato juice and michelada mix that you add to beer.

Mix of locals, expats and tourists. All ages.

Opening times for La Negrita Merida: 12pm – 10pm, 7 days.

El Cardenals

Cantinas Merida Centro: El Cardenal Cantina Cantinas Merida Centro: El Cardenal Cantina

Another local favourite with a cute back yard. The colorful front bar will also capture your attention. Regular live music events from tribute bands (like beatles, Guns n roses and Mexican artists) to Jazz and Latin. Various food and drinks deals everyday. El Cardenals exudes community spirit. Check out their Mexican/Yucatecan inspired pizza menu – especially the Poc Chuc pizza topped with mashed beans, pork and pico de gallo.


Mix of locals, expats and tourists. All ages.

El Porvenir

Cantinas Merida Centro: El Porvenir

Cantinas Merida Centro: El Porvenir

Heading a little east of centro you get away from any feeling of tourist influence at all. El Porvenir is only 4 blocks east of Santan Lucia but you’ll likely be the only foreigner in there. You may get a few confused looks from the locals, but everyone seems friendly. Like all the cantinas on this list, El Porvenir has been refurbished but unlike the more central cantinas, the prices have been kept astonishingly low. Think 12 or 14 pesos for a bottled beer. It can get a bit rowdy and loud in here sometimes.

11am – 10pm, 7 Days.

Cantina Bar El Chembech

Cantina Bar El Chembech

Cantina Bar El Chembech

Even further east, right on the edge of the Centro area, Chem Bech is an up and coming neighbourhood, and the Cantina is one spot that is already ahead of the trend. Also nicely refurbished, expect incredibly friendly staff and outrageously cheap drinks all day (1.2 Litre – 40oz – Beers for 35 pesos – $1.80) with free basic snacks too. They also do the best michelada mix I’ve had in Merida – warning, it’s spicy! The courtyard is basic but easy going and normally not too loud.

12pm-10pm, Wed – Mon.



Cantinas Merida Centro: Dzalbay

Cantinas Merida Centro: Dzalbay

I love Dzalbay. The crowds are hit and miss though. From the packed to the rafters live Tango / Flamenco nights that happen periodically on Fridays, to the seemingly close to empty midweek nights that can occasionally go off with a bang if a large group appears out of nowhere. It’s not as cheap as the above options (though it’s still cheap) but the best things about Dzalbay are the little roof terrace (there are not many of those in Merida!) and the fact that you can normally get a quiet drink and always get a seat (except on those event days).

12pm-10pm, Tues to Sun.

Food & Cantina Walking Tour (Free Map)

Two complete walking routes to choose from – visit up to 9 stops per route including popular street food, sightseeing historical spots, local cantinas and bars and some of our favourite restaurants. Get our FREE google map overlay and easily navigate your way through our tasty tour.

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Craft Beer, Mixology & Wine Bars

Mexico actually has a fast growing craft beer scene, and Merida is keeping up with no less than 6 breweries, in order of my preference, close to the city: Patito, Ciudad Blanco, Cuerno del Torro, Alux, Minerva, Ceiba – and more appearing. Wine is certainly available but nowhere near as popular as beer and cocktails.

Hermana Republica – Craft Beer

Merida Bars & Restaurants: Patito Craft Beer @ Hermana Republica

Merida Bars & Restaurants: Patito Craft Beer @ Hermana Republica


Our favorite craft beer venue in the city. With more than 8 of their own brewed beers (Patito brand) on tap. The venue has both a beautiful dark blue tiled interior (with aircon) and a ruin bar style garden area. It’s a very tasteful re-working of a heritage building.

The IPA and the vanilla porter are both excellent. You can also get 4 glass sample paddles to try out all that crafty brew. They also have an extensive Mexican fusion menu. Of particular note, the sikil paak (Mayan pumpkin seed dip), the seared tuna, octopus tostadas, goats cheese ravioli.

La Linda – Craft Beer & Dining

We mentioned La Linda above for their burgers. But their own brewed beer (Ciudad blanco) is one of the main reasons we go back. The Gitana IPA as well as the El Jefe nut brown ale. They also have a wide selection of bottled craft beer from around Mexico.

La Bierhaus – German Imports & Craft Beer

Merida Bars & Restaurants: German & Craft Beer @ La Bierhaus Merida

La Bierhaus could definitely be seen as a tourist trap with a very central location and German/Munich flags flying proudly outside. But it’s actually very reasonable priced and the vibe doesn’t feel particularly touristy once inside – though the clientele are largely foreign and Mexican tourists. The interior of the building is a nicely restored colonial with a small courtyard as well as an air conditioned room. They have a big menu of German beers as well as Mexican craft beers.

The food is traditional German bar food – not award winning but good enough with a cold beer.

Taninos Para Todos @ Casa Dominga – Wine Bar

Mexico’s wine scene is still in a fledgling state. You’ll mostly be drinking South American and Spanish wine, but Taninos Para Todos offers high quality options from around the globe, even those more illusive Mexican wines. The head sommelier speaks perfect English and will select something perfect for you if he is there. Taninos Para Todos is located at Casa Dominga, which is an upscale food market with many small restaurants and live music most nights. A mix of more affluent locals and some expats.

Malahat – High Class Cocktails

Merida Bars & Restaurants: Malahat Speakeasy @ Apoala Merida

A secret speakeasy, in Merida! This tiny backstreet bar is almost impossible to find the first time you try. But, if you persevere, the top shelf spirits and unique blended cocktails (such as the chili-passionfruit cocktail – ask for extra chili) make it all worth it. Ask in Apoala restaurant in Santa Lucia Park and they will direct you to the secret door. Cocktails around 130 pesos.

Open Wed to Sun, 8pm – 2am. Tends to be very busy after 10pm Fri/Sat. Worth contacting them on facebook to get a reservation no matter what time you visit, just in case.


Late Night Bars / Night Clubs / Live Music

Merida Nightlife is one of the primary reasons we love this city. With very hot days, the cooler weather from 9pm to 3am is the perfect time to enjoy the ambiance, live music and “life” of Merida. Recently (2018), there has been a concerted movement by some members of the local community to crush the spirit of Mexico and get late night bars silenced or closed down. This has led to random suspension of opening of some bars in an unpredictable way. Bringing harmony to the community is important and we hope a resolution can be found which continues the amazing live music culture while appeasing those who oppose it.

There are far too few places in the world where you can still go see a 4-7 piece band, 7 nights a week, with no cover charge. As a former professional musician, I feel that losing that would be a horrible blow not just for Merida, but for culture in general.

La Mezcaleria Merida – Mezcal shots, cocktails and night club

La Mezcaleria - Mezcal shots, cocktails and night club Merida

La Mezcaleria – Mezcal shots, cocktails and night club Merida

La Mezcaleria Merida is a popular hangout for locals as well as travelers – it’s a regular stopping point for groups from various hostels around town. Both live music and DJs. It’s almost always busy after 10.30pm. Colourful murals on the walls, low lighting and a definite nightclub party atmosphere. Small and breezy (in a good way) patio area out back. Try something from their extensive mezcal menu, or one of their mezcal cocktails.

Wed to Sunday 8.30 to 2.30am.


⇒ We have a full podcast on the history of Mezcal out NOW. Take a listen to the Tequila vs Mezcal podcast here. Also, join our mailing list to get updates about our podcasts future releases.


Beso de la flaca

The tiny entrance out front may seem a little intimidating, but aside from the indoor front bar, take a bit of a walk all the way out back to find an outdoor terrace overshadowed by a big tree that is colorfully lit up. Bands, DJs and duos play on the roof above the bar some nights. It can get pretty popular out there at the weekend. Make sure to confirm drink prices and check your bill as we’ve had some very inconsistent charges there. They will fix them if you point them out.

1pm to 3am, Wed to Sun. A local hangout with very few tourists.


M60: Hipster Merida Food Court & Late Bar With Live Music Most Nights

M60 has a hipster outdoor food market vibe with large communal tables and a wide selection of food stalls around the venue. Live music most nights. It’s a very popular spot from Thursday to Sunday where you may have to search for a spot to sit during peak times (9pm ish), other days a little quieter. Always a fun atmosphere. A mix of tourists and locals. I love going there for drinks and the atmosphere. Thus far, after trying many food stalls I haven’t found anything outstanding, but most of the food is passable.

6pm – 2.30am, 7 days.

Cara Negra

Cara Negra gets busy from around 11pm to 2am – especially at the weekends. It’s very much a local hangout, with dark decor and air-con (actually sort of rare for downtown bars), as well as an outdoor garden area. Younger crowd – 18 – 40ish.

Pipiripau (Pipiri Bar)

Pipiripau: Hipster Merida Late Bar

Pipiripau has a massive garden out the back of a retro refurbished colonial interior. The Garden is always busy after 9pm. For a long time they had live Cuban/latin bands 7 nights a week. The recent noise complaint campaign might have disrupted that program, for how long, we don’t know. The bands really made this place come alive with a busy dancefloor. Without the bands it’s still a great place to grab a table and soak up the ambience. Locals with some tourists, all ages but more for the under 40s crowd.

5pm – 2am, 7 days. Opens earlier on Sat/Sun but pretty quiet until evening.

Casa Chica

A calm and refined alternative to all the hectic nightlife of Merida. Situated right on Merida’s most famous avenue, Paseo de Montejo, Casa Chica is a great place for late night drinks and conversation. A slightly Parisian-upcycled feel.

7pm – 2.30am, 7 days. 3am Fri/Sat. Mostly locals with a few expats and tourists.

Mayan Pub

Mayan Pub: Affordable inner city drinking garden with live music

Mayan Pub: Affordable inner city drinking garden with live music

We always refer to this as a student bar – it’s a little rough around the edges, in the best possible way. A big garden with lots of trees. Very cheap drinks and a rotating live music schedule with many different genres from Latin, to hard rock to gypsy jazz.

7pm – 3am, Wed to Sun. Happy hours before 9pm. A small cover charge occasionally (less than 50 pesos)

La Pura

The strip along the south side of Santa Ana Park has become quite a weekend hotspot for the 18-40s crowd. Good prices, a lively atmosphere and typically some good live music in one or all of the bars between Thursday & Sunday. It’s a real local vibe away from the main tourist areas.

La Pura is currently our top pick of those bars. They have a nice outdoor area, the live music program is quite varied (from ska, to latin/cubano and more). The venus is refurbished colonial style with a fair dose of upcycled hipster. Quieter patio area out back.

Busy from 10pm to 1am. Sometimes a small cover charge (about 30 pesos) normally includes a free mini shot or beer.

Delorean – Live Music Venue

Delorean: Live Music Venue

Delorean: Live Music Venue

This is absolutely not a touristy place. Delorean is a full music venue but also a bar, of course. Touring acts, tributes and local bands, as well as our favourite, the house band “Los Equals” – who play mostly British/American songs, Saturday nights from 11pm-2am (but always check as they don’t always play). Drinks are cheap (from beer towers, to 60 peso cocktails with enough alcohol to drop a horse – Try the “blood of Satan” to see what I mean) and the audio quality is great. As for quality of the bands, you’ll have to check the events schedule and investigate who’s good.

8pm – 2am – times can vary depending on the acts.

Merida Mexico Map – Our Interactive Tourist & Restaurant Map Of The Yucatan

Our interactive Google map overlay lists the exact (verified) location of all the restaurants & bars from this article – plus many other points of interest, cenotes, Mayan Ruins, Accommodation, Haciendas and more for visitors to the Yucatan & Riviera Maya.

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Discover the Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico with our ultimate Merida Food & Drink Guide. From breakfast to night clubs. We cover more than X places to indulge your tastebuds in Merida Yucatan. Includes our free Food & Cantina walking tour map. The best Merida nightlife & cuisine. Discover the Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico with our ultimate Merida Food & Drink Guide. From breakfast to night clubs. We cover more than X places to indulge your tastebuds in Merida Yucatan. Includes our free Food & Cantina walking tour map. The best Merida nightlife & cuisine. Discover the Best Restaurants in Merida Mexico with our ultimate Merida Food & Drink Guide. From breakfast to night clubs. We cover more than X places to indulge your tastebuds in Merida Yucatan. Includes our free Food & Cantina walking tour map. The best Merida nightlife & cuisine.