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Checklist: how to prepare a car for a long trip with Ecareauto

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Traveling by car is comfortable and often less expensive. Those who are fond of convenient driving select long routes to diversify their holiday. Preparing a car for a long journey is a kind of ritual that many car owners will have to perform. 

A responsible car owner always has a car in perfect technical condition, and in the trunk, there is a full set of essentials. But even experienced drivers sometimes will not be hindered by tips on how to properly prepare the car for a long trip. Visiting the Ecareauto car repairing service center is essential before such a trip. Proceed with careful car scanning and diagnostics and car body repair even in case of minor breakdowns at first glance. The Ecareauto car workshop will be a great assistance in preparing for your trip!


1. Let the Ecareauto specialists check the condition of the tires and wheel balancing. Driving on worn tires and unbalanced wheels is uncomfortable and dangerous. Old, worn-out tires impair handling, increase the likelihood of skidding, and practically do not resist aquaplaning. The minimum permissible tread height for passenger cars is 1.6 mm. And there is no need to invent measuring instruments: all modern tires have wear indicators. Just keep an eye on them and change the tires when the wear is approaching critical.


2. It would be nice to thoroughly wash the car from the outside and clean it inside: throw out all the trash, and vacuum the interior. No wonder they say that a clean car goes faster. Of course, this is just a psychological effect, but experienced drivers know that long driving in a neat car is less tiring. And the less dust, the easier it is to breathe and the lower the physical load.


3. The tank needs to be filled with a glass cleaner that cleans the glass from kidneys and broken insects.

4. Replace the wiper blades. In summer, you have to drive in the blistering sun, which makes the plaque on the windows more noticeable. In addition, poor visibility has a negative impact on traffic safety. Having replaced the wipers, you will wonder why you didn’t think to do it earlier. The costs are small, and it will become much more comfortable (and safer) to drive.

5. Check the headlights and lights in all modes. If a light bulb has burned out, replace it. Or remember what needs to be replaced in order to ask the Ecareauto specialists who will do the maintenance of your car.

Cool it down

6. Pay attention to the coolant level and the temperature indicator. It can be hot even in the European part of the country, and even more so in the south. The level should be normal, between the risks of Min and Max, and the radiator fan(s) must work properly.

7. By the way, how does your air conditioning/climate control system work? Before a big trip, it is worth checking the effectiveness, and eliminating leaks, if there are any.

Interesting fact. The air conditioning method was patented by Frenchman Jean Chabannes in 1815, the first industrial air conditioner was created in 1902 in the USA, and Packard became the first automaker to put air conditioners in their cars.

Make sure

8. Do not delay with the replacement of brake pads and discs. Look into the brake fluid tank. It should be transparent. The liquid may become cloudy due to its hygroscopicity. And replacement is required on average once every one and a half to two years, every 30,000-40,000 km.

Before leaving the house, we always remember the most important things with us: our passports, wallets, keys, and phones. When preparing for a road trip, use the same rule: documents for yourself and cars, money for travel and fuel, and keys and gadgets for comfort. Everything else can be purchased on the way.

Have a nice trip and a wonderful vacation!