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Epic Mongolia: 9,000 Landscapes from Ulaanbaatar to Khovsgol (With Video)

9 days inside a Russian Military van crossing the epic and endlessly changing landscape of central Mongolia with 7 other people is certainly an experience! It may be challenging but it is certainly rewarding beyond anything we may have imagined before undertaking this journey.

This second part of our trans-Mongolian adventure takes us from the capital of Ulaanbaatar to Moron (Pronounced Muren), just south of Khovsgol, Mongolia’s largest lake.

In Ulaanbaatar we hooked up with 4 Israelis, an American and a Mongolian driver. Loading the van with food, supplies and camping gear, we were ready for everything, except for the breathtaking scenery that was about to unfold in front of us – even photos can’t prepare you for really being here.

The video below is our Mongolian story.

Summing up 9 days in a 6 minute video is difficult. So many experiences, from late night hot-springs to Mongolian street food (cooked in a Ger, of course!), the Mongolian local Olympics (Late Naadam Festival), filling our water bottles from natural springs in the hills, trying to communicate with our driver who barely spoke English, the bumpiest roads in the World and the friendships that form along the way.

The Mongolian landscape forms the awe inspiring background to the memories and the trials of life in the wilderness, camping and living out of a van.

Mongolia tour group1

In the next part of our adventure we keep heading west from Moron to Olgii and the Altai mountains. The final part of our Journey will be heading south through Khovd and to the Bulgan border crossing back to China.