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Ride the ducks in Bangkok!

Ride the ducks in Bangkok!

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Remember when you were a kid and you could go to the local lake and ride on the paddle boats?? This is old school entertainment at its best! You may still be able to do this back home, but likely you’ll be charged through the nose for it… however, in Bangkok of course, its super cheap! And instead of just seeing a few fish in the lake you get to see turtles and 4ft long lizards floating around!As well as enjoying riding the ducks, you can wander around the rest of the park in a chilled out fashion and see the various sculptures, fountains and other assorted park stuff. Pleasant and fun!FFAF Costs:

Ride the ducks: 40baht ($1.35) for 30 minutes.The nostalgia value along with spotting random wildlife boosts up the fun score!

Fun-o-score: 7/10
Budget score: 2/10

Fun:Budget ratio:

7:2 – Pretty fun, and very cheap! 

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