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Fishmongers, Fish and chips in Manly, Sydney. (Restaurant Review with Video)

Fishmongers, Fish and chips in Manly, Sydney. (Restaurant Review with Video)

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This is not your traditional Fish & Chips. Fishmongers offers a menu of deep fried aquatic treats that differs from your regular street side fryer. We enjoy tempura prawns and veggies along with the slightly more classic fishermans basket including battered fish and Calamari. Take awesome fresh ingredients and deep fry them… how can you go wrong?

Fishmongers basket at Fishmongers restaurant in ManlyWell, fortunately Fishmongers do not go too far wrong. The Fish was light, the calamari is soft, not chewy, and the chips, whilst not the best I’ve ever had, were still great!

When you finish the meal, you will be full, the portion sizes are certainly enough for even the hungriest of diners. That said, one reason you are full is because of the epic amount of oil you are consuming – not a healthy lunch :-) and yes, I know, its deep fried, you expect to be consuming some oil here, however, perfectly cooked tempura is normally so light that you don’t notice how much oil you are ingesting. I didn’t feel sick after eating or anything like that, just very full! So be prepared for this being enough food for both lunch and dinner.

The prices seem very reasonable, above the price of your average fish & chips bar – although this is not your average fish & chips bar – but certainly not over the top for what you get.

Prawn tempura at Fishmongers restaurant in Manly

A decent portion of massive, tasty prawns with the days salt and pepper prawn special was very much enjoyed, and having the option of tempura vegetables rather than just chips to accompany your fishy friends is a nice touch that puts fishmongers a level above. However, don’t fool yourself that this is the healthy option, as I said, there is a lot of oil and I felt the tempura veg was where it was most noticeable!



Eat and be merry! If you like Fish and chips you will not be disappointed at Fishmongers and your wallet will not be too sad at spilling an extra couple of dollars to eat superior fish and chips.



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