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Fruit Print Dresses For Spring – My Favourite Foodie Fashions

Fruit Print Dresses For Spring – My Favourite Foodie Fashions

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It’s almost Springtime and that means it’s time to get outside frolic in the sunshine and look super cute while doing it.

If you’ve been following our Instagram account you might have noticed that I have a slight obsession with foodie fashion. That’s right – any sort of food related print I want to add to my collection and so far I’ve managed to get quite a few. But finding stores that cater to this style of foodie fashion is not easy to come by, that’s why I’m letting you gals know right here and now my Top Foodie Fashion stores so you can also get these stunning looks too.

Disclaimer: The outfits I’m wearing in this article were gifted to me from the stores mentioned, however, all opinions remain my own

Voodoo Vixen

If you are looking for unique foodie fashion and accessories then make sure you add Voodoo Vixen to your shopping list. They have a selection of adorable food themed clutches – you will want to collect them all. Tacos, watermelon slices…..even an eggplant (which I’ve heard aren’t just an eggplant anymore *wink)


Have a browse through their cardigan selection and you’ll find some of the cutest fruit prints to brighten up your Spring wardrobe. P.S. As you can see above I also adore their range of jackets (perhaps they’ll have some foodie ones for next winter)

Lindy Bop

This brand is one of the go to places if you are looking for fruit print dresses online – plus they don’t just do fruit prints, their other prints will certainly take your fancy as well! Like their cupcake dress that I’m wearing below.

I love how Lindy Bop is always coming out with new designs and there’s just no way that you can ever get bored perusing their selection.

Another bonus is that they are super affordable as well. Plenty of pinup or vintage style fashions can cost you an arm and a leg, but Lindy Bop keeps their prices reasonable so that you can get as many outfits as you like without feeling like you are spending a fortune. 

Fruit Print Dresses For Spring - My Favourite Foodie Fashions

Fruit Print Dresses For Spring – My Favourite Foodie Fashions


I love wearing my Lindy Bop cupcake dress when baking at home or when we do cooking classes around the world. It makes me feel like a glamorous 1950’s housewife – I love it!

Lady V London

This brand is offering up some super cute fruit print dresses this season and I just want to buy them all. I already have their “A Night At The Movies” dress which I absolutely adore. This dress looks amazing on, has a great stretch in the fabric so it’s a really nice fit. The fabric is also nice and light and you don’t even really have to iron it – I just hang it on a coat hanger after washing it and it dries beautifully. 

Fruit Print Dresses For Spring - My Favourite Foodie Fashions

Fruit Print Dresses For Spring – My Favourite Foodie Fashions


Lady V London is another brand that aims to create fantastic classic dress designs at affordable prices so you can look amazing and not break the bank. Which is what we all want – right ladies! 


Another brand that offers something for everyone. (Well, If you like vintage styles that it)

At the Collectif store, you can find classic designs that make you feel like you’re a starlet – or you can find some more unique and quirky styles and patterns to suit your personality. Collectif started as a stall in the famous Camden Market in London and have grown to become one of the leading vintage inspired clothing stores in the country.

I think I heard that they are starting a men’s line as well so you can make sure that your hubby is looking stylish as hell right beside you as you both sashay into that next party or event. 


If you are looking for some fruit print dresses to brighten up your Spring wardrobe then these stores will certainly help you look nothing short of fabulous. I feel like a million bucks every time I step outside in one of my foodie themed outfits and I have to admit I don’t mind the compliments I get either. 

Foodie Fashion is slowly becoming an obsession of mine so stay tuned as I continue to collect some of the cutest and most unique food outfits and wear them around the world.