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Power of Golden Visa: Investment Strategies by Global Residence Index Experts

Power of Golden Visa: Investment Strategies by Global Residence Index Experts

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Globalization has taken the lead in recent decades. Individuals and families around the globe are looking for opportunities to exploit and harness the benefits, leading to an enhanced lifestyle and secure financial position.

Golden visa is one such opportunity that paves the way to such a lifestyle in the modern yet cultural countries of the European Union. The golden visa scheme, the Residence by Investment (RBI) program, has recently been renounced in European nations. In a volatile world, obtaining a golden visa is the finest conceivable insurance policy against economic and political peril.

Our experts plunge into such a study and devise investing strategies for golden visas to maximize the benefits of such schemes. Let’s learn about them in this comprehensive guide. 

How does the Golden Visa Scheme differ from Citizenship by Investment?

Before investing in RBI or the golden visa scheme, one should be clear that residency by investment differs from citizenship by investment. The Citizenship by Investment Countries and Programs List in 2023 will guide you better.

One gets immediate citizenship of a second country when applying for CBI schemes. On the other hand, holding a golden visa does not do that. With a golden visa, you can get citizenship in a country. However, the process is more complex than that of CBI.

Nevertheless, a golden visa holds impeccable power. It allows you to enjoy many benefits of a country, such as the right to visit, live, work, study, and retire in the European Union.

Investment strategies suggested by our experts

The different investor has different manifestation of their golden visa. Thus, they require unique investment strategies in golden visas catering to their special needs and capabilities.

●    Diversification through Real Estate:

Investment in real estate is the most basic way to obtain a golden visa. Our experts suggest diversifying real estate investment nationwide through effective golden visa schemes. 

This technique provides residency benefits. It also protects the golden visa holder against economic volatility in a particular market.

●    Strategic Business Investments:

Countries like Spain, Portugal, and Greece allow applicants for golden visas to obtain residency by investing in business or personal ventures. Experts advocate strategic investment through business in the sectors that have the potential for higher development and align with the economic aspiration of the host country. This investment strategy facilitates residency and enables investors to gain from the chosen jurisdiction’s economic progress.

●    Government Bonds and Securities:

This is the safest way of investing in a golden visa. Countries like Bulgaria, Malta, and Portugal offer investors to invest in government bonds and securities to gain residency and other benefits of the host countries. If you want to invest in government bonds or security for residency, you must consider a nation with stable economies and favorable interest rates. This way, you gain a residency in the nation and contribute your part to the country’s development and progress.

●    Entrepreneurial Ventures:

This strategy best suits ones with entrepreneurial spirit. You can consider the countries that offer residency through investment schemes by supporting innovative startups. You can either invest or establish your innovative venture. Adapting to such an investment strategy, you help the country’s economic growth and job creation. In return, you can enhance your chances of obtaining and maintaining residency.

●    Navigating Tax Efficiency:

When applying for a Golden Visa, experts stress addressing the fiscal implications. Here, you must understand the host country’s tax structure and determine how it corresponds with an investor’s financial strategy. Some Golden Visa programs provide beneficial tax treatment, making them even more appealing to astute investors.

Residency by Investment Countries and Programs List in 2023

Many nations in the European Union offer residency by investment program in 2023. Let’s take a deep dive into each program to understand the fundamentals of the program and break down the key details applicants want to know.


Portugal Golden Residency Permit Program allows successful applicants to seek citizenship after a few years of residency, such as after five years. The inventors of residency by the investment program of Portugal are not required to stay full-time to be eligible to gain citizenship in the laidback lifestyle of Portugal.

As mentioned above, Portugal offers different investment methods for its applicants for RBI schemes. Other innovative investing options Portugal offers are investing in investment funds, donating to arts and culture funds, investing in research, making a capital transfer, or completing a business investment. The basic Investment amount requirement ranges from €200,000 to €1,500,000, depending on the selected investment option.


Spain is another nation that opens various doors of investment in the RBI scheme for applicants. To gain residency by investment in Spain demands the applicant to fulfill the condition of already being in Spain when applying. 

So if you live in Spain temporarily and want to call Spain your home, this program is best for you—based costs of investment range from €500,000 to €2,000,000. You can invest in various means such as purchasing real estate, making a bank deposit, etc. Choose the option that suits your condition and requirements.


Greece is the third country on the list that offers residency by investment program in 2023. Known for being the safest country in the EU, Greece welcomes individuals and families from around the globe, whether they come for residency purposes or tourism. You can apply in the RBI scheme of Greece with a minimum investment of €250,000 to €500,000.

One of the unique perks of the Greece Golden Visa is that its holders can receive a special tax status that only requires them to pay a flat tax of €100,000 per year, avoiding the standard 45% tax on income.

Thus, if you have a high net income, this palace is the best place to call home and save hundreds of thousands of euros more through these tax benefits.

Benefits of holding a golden visa

A golden visa gives investors and their families worldwide access to new markets and many business, career, educational, healthcare, tax, and lifestyle opportunities for current and future generations.

The basic benefits that come along with the golden visa of a nation are:

● Secure an alternative haven.

● Enrich and expand their lifestyle and business opportunities.

● Enjoy a high quality of life and access to excellent infrastructure.

● Access world-class healthcare at leading facilities.

● Attend first-rate educational institutions.


The power of a golden visa is not confined to the boundaries of offering immediate residency benefits. It expands to the strategic investment opportunities in the long term.

Plenty of nations of the European Union offer golden visas and present various programs to gain the same. It is up to you to decide on an investment strategy that aligns with your manifestation of the golden visa and your potential investment cost and cause.

To make your way to choose the best option for you, the experts of the Global Residency Index have laid down a well-thought-out investment strategy. Choose wisely and gain the best outcome out of your investment.