St Sophia Cathedral, Harbin

Why Visit Harbin (China) in the Summer?

Tommo Fun

Harbin is most famous for its winter ice carving festival. This occurs in January every year when temperatures plunge to -30 celsius. Now, I love art and everything… but minus 30!? That sounds pretty cold to me. We decided to head to Harbin to see what is on offer during the warmer months and we were very glad we did! Before arriving we had asked around Chinese friends if it …

Do Traditional Chinese Doctors Know What They Are On About?

Megsy Fun, Travel Freedom Podcast

As a Westerner in China you see traditional Chinese medicine stores all over the place. They contain shelves of strange concoctions and herbal medicines that we have never seen or even heard of before and which would certainly be frowned upon by any doctor from back home. But when we were offered the opportunity to visit an actual traditional Chinese doctor we thought we would go along just to see …