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Why You Should Bring Shoe Covers on Your Yacht Trip

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Before boarding a yacht, a lot of questions arise regarding clothing and, in particular, shoes: what can be worn on board, what is not, what is better, etc.

The world of yachting is synonymous with opulence and adventure, offering a serene escape amidst the vastness of the ocean. However, the realm of yacht etiquette presents us with queries, prominently among them being the appropriateness of wearing shoes on board. 

In this article, we will reveal valuable information about yachting etiquette, look at suitable shoe options, and show you how to combine comfort and style, while maintaining the deck of a yacht. This material is a comprehensive guide designed to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of your yachting experience.

Footwear on a Yacht: Policies and Practicalities

Aboard yachts, whether privately owned or chartered, policies governing footwear are commonly established. While regulations may differ, the prevailing trend across most yachts is the adoption of a shoe-free environment. This practice serves to uphold cleanliness and shield the delicate deck surfaces. The ensuing points offer valuable insights:

Maintaining aesthetic integrity

The interior of the yacht is carefully crafted to exude sophistication and luxury. The presence of shoes can cause damage or wear to fine flooring and carpets. Therefore, it is generally recommended to move around barefoot or choose appropriate yachting shoes.

Reducing the danger of slipping

Yacht decks are prone to slipperiness, especially when exposed to seawater. To ensure personal safety when moving around the ship, it is necessary to have shoes with non-marking, anti-slip soles. Walking barefoot or wearing only socks increases the risk of slip-related accidents. In the unfortunate event of a slip or fall on a yacht, seeking the advice of a boat accident lawyer can help you understand your legal options and rights regarding compensation for any injuries sustained.

Choice of shoes

Often on yachts, guests are provided with comfortable slippers or deck shoes specially designed to be worn on board. These specialized shoes feature non-marking soles and an improved grip on the deck. If you decide to bring your own shoes, opt for soft-soled, non-marking soles or specially-designed yachting shoes.

Exceptions to the rules

There may be situations where yacht owners show leniency towards certain types of footwear. For example, well-tested high-quality leather-soled, or designer shoes may be approved if they are found safe on the deck of a yacht. However, the organization or owner of the yacht should be consulted in advance.

Yacht Footwear Etiquette

To make sailing enjoyable and etiquette, follow these important shoe rules:


  • Wear non-staining, non-slip shoes or use the slippers provided.
  • If desired, you can choose personal non-staining shoes with soft soles or deck shoes.
  • Promptly take off your shoes when boarding the aircraft to maintain cleanliness.
  • Make sure shoes are clean to prevent dirt and debris from entering the deck.


  • Refrain from wearing high-heeled shoes or shoes with hard and sharp soles.
  • Avoid shoes that can ruin or wear down the deck.
  • Avoid walking barefoot or wearing only socks to minimize the risk of slipping.
  • Refrain from planting in filthy or dirty shoes.

The most important thing, of course, is to follow the rules for wearing shoes set by the yacht’s owner.

As for shoes on board, the yacht, sandals or shoes with non-marking soles are most often preferred.


Following the instructions of the yacht owner or rental company is the key to a safe and enjoyable journey for all on board. Compliance with yacht etiquette and hygiene is the key to maintaining the attractiveness and splendor of the yacht. So get out of your shoes and go on an extraordinary sailing trip!


Q. Are sandals allowed on the yacht?

Sandals are generally allowed as long as they have a non-marking sole and provide sufficient traction.

Q. For wakeboard, wake surf, efoil, flyboard, and SUP are needed the same shoes as for a yacht?

No. You can rent any water sports equipment at YepRent shop, for example, and use it barefoot if you feel comfortable.

Q. Can I wear high heels on board a yacht?

Wearing high heels is not recommended as they can damage the delicate surfaces of the yacht. It is recommended to choose shoes with flat or low heels that are compatible with the yacht.

Q. Do I need to take off my shoes before entering the yacht?

Yes, it is customary to take off your shoes when boarding a yacht to keep it clean and preserve the yacht’s appearance.

Q. Do luxury yachts have special footwear requirements?

Luxurious yachts may have stricter shoe regulations in place to keep interiors upscale. It is recommended that these requirements be clarified with the yacht operator or charter company.

Q. Can personal shoes be worn on the yacht?

Of course, provided that the chosen shoes meet yachting standards, for example, pumps or shoes with soft soles.

Q. How is the problem of accidental damage to the deck by shoes solved?

In the event of incidents, immediately inform the crew of the yacht so that appropriate measures can be taken to eliminate them.