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Benefits of a Private Car Service for a Corporate Event

Benefits of a Private Car Service for a Corporate Event

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Are you in the process of planning a corporate event? Have you thought of offering attendees a private car service? You may be thinking, “why can’t they just drive themselves?” They could; however, the luxury and benefits of a private car service will make your event a spectacular, memorable one from the moment they step into the car until they return home. Luckily, there are many options for private car service. Whether you need to hire vehicles for an hourly service, an all-day event, or a point-to-point or multi-stop travel, you can rest assured that your guests will arrive safely and with the following five options for private car service benefits. 

  1. Feeling Like a VIP

Whether you are hosting a corporate event for your regular employees or inviting special guests, everyone enjoys feeling like a VIP. A private car service makes a lasting impression on the evening as guests appreciate the luxury and ease. 

Plus, if you did happen to invite special guests from out of town, they won’t have to worry about renting a car, getting lost, or trying to find parking. Instead, they get to arrive in style and hassle-free. 

  1. Adheres to a Fixed Schedule

Corporate events are often organized and scheduled with firm timelines to ensure that all events are held according to plan. However, trusting that all staff and guests will arrive on time is nearly impossible. With some having a blasé attitude to punctuality, or the possibility of a transportation problem, you can almost guarantee that someone will be late. 

By utilizing a private car service for the event, you greatly improve the likelihood that guests will be picked up and dropped off on time and according to the meticulously planned schedule. Additionally, if you are planning a multi-stop event, you won’t have to worry about guests getting lost or distracted from one location to another. 

  1. Avoid Parking Issues

Depending on where your corporate event is held, there may be a shortage of parking spots, an abundance of parking fees, or a great distance to walk from the parking area to the event venue. When attendees are forced to battle parking, or feel like they are walking from Neverland, they will arrive at the event in distress. Add in unfortunate weather like humidity or precipitation, and you may have some very unhappy guests. 

When using a private car service, everyone can easily be dropped off at the front door. There will be no parking woes, fees, extended walking, or battling the elements required. They get to make a grand entrance! 

  1. Safety & Comfort

What if your corporate event requires formal wear? Men look dapper in their tuxedos and women downright stunning in floor-length evening gowns with five-inch heels. Everyone looks elegant as they sip on champagne or twirl around the dance floor. Unfortunately, driving oneself to and from the event isn’t nearly as glamorous. Driving in formal wear, with dresses trapping your ankles and high heels working the pedal, can be uncomfortable and dangerous. Rather than forcing guests to choose between dressing to the nines and a viable driving experience, a private car service matches the elegance and ease of a special event. 

  1. Setting the Tone

Lastly, a private car service sets the mood for the attendees from the moment they get picked up. Let’s be honest; driving isn’t always the fun option, and a bad experience on the road can put anyone in a foul mood before, or after, an event. On top of that, driving to new locations, with guests in the car, or under the darkness of night can be stressful and requires that, one person has to be the designated driver, which can kill a good time.  

With a private car service, your guests get to simply enjoy the event without the distraction. You can rest assured that you, and everyone else, will get to and from the event safely, on time, and while having a good time from beginning to end.