Can You Earn a Living While Visiting the Best Foodie Locations?

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If you wish you were able to afford more travel to various foodie destinations but can’t afford to quit your full-time job, you can still follow your dreams by looking for alternative sources of income. These can replace your main job, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to explore some of the best foodie destinations.

Earning Money During Travel

There are plenty of travel-friendly ways of making an income, but they are not always easy to get since others often want to get flexible positions as well. You will often need to commit time, receive training, and have passion for the positions. And some of them do not pay extremely well. There is not a magic formula that will allow you to earn a lot while traveling. Becoming a nomad like this does take sacrifice and hard work. Still, it is certainly possible to make a living while visiting various foodie destinations. There are a few ways you can make yourself more marketable and ready to take on more positions. You can consider getting your degree in a field that interests you. If this sounds like an appealing option, you can take out a student loan from a private lender to pay for college.

Working on a Yacht

If you want to see exotic locations, you could work on a yacht. It can help you save money, as your room and board may be provided as well. You could work as a steward or deckhand since these are entry level jobs. You might need to take a course ahead of time. 

Travel Food Photographer

If you love the idea of working with food, you could become a professional photographer and sell your images. You might work for a magazine or even a company selling food. It takes a lot of work to develop the skills necessary to sell your images. You can even upload your photos to different stock websites. They can then be purchased to be used on websites or other media. It is not uncommon for travelers to hire a vacation photographer and you can capitalize on this as well. You could consider offering guided photography tours or selling your tutorials online. These can add a few more income streams to your photography business. By building up your photography following on social media, you might find further business online.

Bartending or Food Service Jobs

Of course, there are plenty of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs at popular foodie destinations around the world. The job is the same as what you might expect in your home country, although it is helpful to be able to speak the language of the country you would be working in. If you’re getting a degree in preparation, it could help to minor or even major in the language of the country you want to live in. It is often easier to get work in the industry if you settle on a touristy place. Often, you can make this either a full or part time position. When you get more experience, you will have more job opportunities, and you might be able to move up to a management position that can pay better.