Georgia Independence Day - Georgia Holidays

Georgia Public Holidays (and their meanings). Georgian Christmas, Georgian New Year, and other Georgia Holidays

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Georgia Public Holidays (and their meanings). Sometimes when you live in or visit a destination public holidays can catch you out. Suddenly everything is closed and you’re left wondering “what exactly is today all about anyway?”    Official Georgian Public holidays:   1 January – Georgian New Year’s Day 6 January – Georgian Christmas 19 January – Epiphany  3 March – Mothers’ Day 8 March – Women’s Day 9 April …

destination wedding georgia

How to Get Married In Georgia – Our Georgian Wedding in Tbilisi

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How to get married in Georgia? This question comes up quite a lot in the foreigners’ groups as people in love want to make their relationships legal. But when they check the internet – most of the information is limited, confusing, or about how to get married in Georgia USA. Frustrating Right? Well, lucky for you Tommo and I were married in Tbilisi in 2018 and can tell you all …

Georgian Singers - Polyphonic singing

Georgian Singing – The History of Georgian Polyphonic Singing

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There are a few things that Georgia is becoming known/famous for around the world 1. is khachapuri – in particular the adjaruli khachapuri which is a boat-shaped bread filled with cheese, butter, and an egg (but more about that in our food episode).  2. Georgian wine – Georgia is the birthplace of wine after all! But one thing that many people who are yet to visit don’t know about is …

What Does One Actually Gain From Travelling?

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A Food Fun Travel Guest Post Why do people plan to travel? Leaving their homes to travel the globe? The reasons why people love to travel can be various and very personal. We love the slow, calm breakfast, long walks, new adventures, places, people, and recollections. it makes us happy and alive. No wonder! Travel appears to combine most healthy habits. Then there is the learning process which could be …

How to Keep Your Skin Healthy While Traveling

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A Food Fun Travel Guest Post Many people see issues with their skin while they are traveling. When you travel on a plane, the humidity levels are incrementally lower than they are on an average day. With low levels of humidity, your skin is extremely dry, which makes your system overproduce oil. When unhealthy oils are trapped under the skin, you will likely begin breaking out. After you land at …

Easy and Fun Ways to Introduce Veggies Into Your Diet

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A Food Fun Travel Guest Post It’s been known for ages that vegetables are good for your body. As an actual omnivore, humans can benefit from both meat products and plants. But for some reason, a big portion of us don’t really appreciate vegetables. Some are even disgusted with plant-based diets! While you don’t really need to go vegan to get all the amazing benefits of vegetables, you should be …

Best Heated Jacket - Ororo Heated Jacket

Best Heated Jacket – Ororo Heated Jacket Review

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Searching for the best heated jacket? Today we are reviewing the Ororo Heated Jackets for Men and Women. Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. This means we generate a small commission if you choose to buy something after clicking our link. Thanks for supporting our blog by using our links rather than searching on google. These links do not increase the price you pay.    …

Is it safe to travel to South Korea during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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A Food Fun Travel Guest Post If you’re planning to visit South Korea soon to discover all of the foodie delights it has to offer, you may have to first consider the question ‘Is it safe to travel during COVID-19?’. The response to COVID-19 in South Korea has been pretty effective compared to some countries, but as travel increases your chance of getting and spreading coronavirus, you may be reconsidering …

Travel Accessories You Can’t Live Without

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A Food Fun Travel Guest Post  Travelling has become a very common aspect of our lives. Some do it out of necessity and some for fun. Either way, almost everyone has to travel at some point for some reason. Therefore, any traveler needs to know of all the accessories you can’t live without when traveling. Keeping that in mind, we compiled this list of 9 things that can come in …

5 Uniques Dining Experiences In Seattle

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  A Food Fun Travel Guest Post Seattle has long been a draw for travelers who enjoy the unrivaled natural beauty surrounding a stylish and modern city. From outstanding mountain views to the harbor pier’s old-world charm, Seattle has a lot to offer visitors, including various unique dining experiences. Just about any culinary craving can be satisfied on your trip to Seattle. The freshest types of seafood, local aboriginal flavors, …

Cambodian Cuisine: Discover the Most Popular Dishes & Drinks

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If you’re planning a trip to Cambodia, the country’s incredible temples and stunning national landscapes will be top of your bucket list. However, if you’re a foodie like us you’ll be just as excited by the new dishes you’ll get to try. With a Cambodia eVisa you can experience a whole new culinary world: Cambodian cooking uses ingredients and flavor combinations you may never have across before. Keep reading to …

How to Brew Barista-Level Coffee at Home

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Whether it’s that crucial first cup of coffee in the morning at home or a quick midday perk-me-up at a coffee shop, good coffee can make your day.  BUT you don’t have to empty your wallet on an expensive coffee maker and a fancy selection of coffee beans to fill your home with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee every day. You can make barista-quality coffee with simple and inexpensive …