Bastille day Fireworks Paris 2014

Bastille Day Fireworks, Eiffel Tower, Paris 2014

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Every 14th July France celebrates Bastille day. It’s a national independence day. The streets fill with people, especially for the evening fireworks display at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Getting up close to the Eiffel tower is impossible. The area is cordoned off as herds of onlookers push to find the best viewing spot. Fortunately, we found a good location and got some great photos of the fireworks – enjoy!   Looking …

How many of China’s historical sites are authentic?

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When it comes to ancient sites in China, a lot of distressing words get thrown around. “Reconstruction” is probably the most disturbing, especially when you are paying $20 or $30 to gain entry to some of these attractions. However, often in China things are lost in translation and, as we discovered this week, some historic sites are not be as fake as the “Chingrish” descriptions may lead you to believe. …


How to visit the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands in 2 days.

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This week we’re at Airlie beach – gateway to the southern part of the Great Barrier reef and to the millionaires island paradise of the Whitsunday Islands! Australia is not quite as budget friendly as other countries, but there are always work arounds, you’ve just gotta get smart! Being on the one year work and travel visa means I am entitled to get a job… and thats why I’m here, …


Camel/pyramid photo with guns!

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FUN FOR A FIVER.  Ok, so this is sort of a $5 deal… for the photos (you can barter for less)… But you do have to pay the $10 (60 Egyptian pounds) to get into the pyramids site in the first place…I figure, if you are going to Cairo you are probably willing to spend $10 to get into the Pyramid site, so consider this a a little FFAF on …

How to see Rome in a hurry, our Two day sightseeing whirlwind!

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Rome wasn’t built in a day… and you don’t have a hope of seeing the whole place in a day… So we tried to do it in two days, which is quite a challenge, but we did pretty well! It feels like no matter how long you walk around Rome for, there is always something new to discover. The history is intense! its everywhere, even for someone like me who …

Christ the Redeemer facts: On a whirl wind one day visit to Rio there was one thing I HAD to do, visit Christo Redentor – or Christ the Redeemer. Here's a few things you may not know about this magnificent statue

Christ the Redeemer: Truly a wonder worth seeing. Brazil.

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On a whirl wind one day visit to Rio there was one thing I HAD to do, visit Christo Redentor – or Christ the Redeemer. (As a girl who grew up watching Baz Lurman’s Romeo and Juliet this was a must see) Chris the Redeemer facts In this short Blog I take a look at prices and some thoughts relating to Brazil’s great wonder of the world. At the bottom …