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Camel/pyramid photo with guns!

pictures of the pyramids FUN FOR A FIVER. 

Ok, so this is sort of a $5 deal… for the photos (you can barter for less)… But you do have to pay the $10 (60 Egyptian pounds) to get into the pyramids site in the first place…I figure, if you are going to Cairo you are probably willing to spend $10 to get into the Pyramid site, so consider this a a little FFAF on the side.Everything in Egypt is “One dollar”, so they try to con you by inflating the cost as you go along so it becomes many “One dollar”… be savvy and you can avoid the price skyrocketing.

One dollar for the photo on the camel… which turns in to one dollar for each photo he clicks… The turban is free. When you look through the photos delete all but the best one or two and then insist the cost is $1 or $2 respectively, they won’t argue for long as they have more tourists to extort.
pictures of the pyramids Walk around the site for a while and you’ll see the security guys with guns. They are also looking to make a little cash on the side… “$1 photo!” they say, that turns into $1 for the guy in the photo and the other guy to take the photo for you… oh well, $2, not bad, if you shop around for a better location and ask nicely you could probably get more of an action shot than I did… but they won’t let you hold the gun. Bring US $1 notes.

FFAF Costs:

Photos & Props: $2 – $5 (depending on your bartering skills!

pictures of the pyramids pictures of the pyramids

While you are there, why not ask a non-egyptian to take some photos for you for free!




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