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Why I hate travelling… And need to invest money in teleportation

teleport catIt’s a funny thing that people say…. “I love to travel!” I’ve even said it myself so many times! When we announced that we were quitting our jobs, selling our furniture and hitting Asia for a couple of years, it was all for the “love” of travel!

But three months into our trip I’m going against the norm and declaring I Hate Travelling!

Now the sounds of shock can be heard from where I’m sitting right now (which is Inner Mongolia by the way) BUT hear me out!

Really, everyone hates travelling… you, me and that crazy adrenaline junkie that loves climbing everything and then throwing themselves off the top with tiny parachutes… Yep, I reckon they hate travelling too!

Why? Because its not the travelling we love its the destinations, it’s the arrival, the place you were getting to after all of those hours spent on a cramped bus with a deranged driver who  loves a good ol fashioned game of highway chicken, or the wet farter you had to share your sleeper cabin with on a 10hr train ride!

Yes it’s not the the love of “travel” because if we are truly being honest with ourselves, travel sucks! It’s something we all endure to get to the pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow!

What we “love” is the first glimpses of the Pyramids of Giza after a 3 hour bus ride from the port of Alexandria, not the bus ride itself. The moment your feet touch the soft sand of a tropical island after you endured a couple of hours of choppy stomach turning sea swell, or even seeing the amazing city lights of Shanghai’s Bund after enduring a hard seat on an overnight train (Because you were trying to save money on accommodation).

Yes people, what we love is arriving!

So let’s no longer lie to ourselves and continue to say “I Love to Travel” because its a crock. Lets now say “I Love to Arrive” and then start hounding all these scientists to finally build a teleportation device so we can be anywhere in an instant and always be arriving, maybe see if Shatner has any contacts….he has to right???