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Crocodile Cage Diving – Inside The Crocosaurus Cage of Death

Crocodile Cage Diving – Inside The Crocosaurus Cage of Death

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Darwin is just a little different from other Australian cities. Life moves at that slightly slower pace. People seem more relaxed. Cars stop for you to cross the street. But then, right in the centre of Darwin… Crocodile Cage Diving.

Adventure – Crocodile Cage Diving at Crocosaurus Cove

Crocosaurus Cove is the only place in the Australia, and one of the few in the world, where you can get in the water with one of nature’s most dangerous predators.

Although we also got to see crocs in the wild while visiting the darwin region, getting up close and personal is not something you typically want to do with a 5 metre saltwater crocodile!

With a 3.1 ton bite force, once this prehistoric beast sinks it’s teeth in for dinner time, it’s bye bye human. We opted to get our face to face with a croc behind the safety of a circular perspex tube – known as the “cage of death”.

Crocodile cage diving - Crocosaurus Cove cage of death

Crocodile cage diving – Inside the Cage Of Death

When this killing machine has it’s giant pointy teeth centimetres from your head, you start to wonder “I hope this is a strong cage of death. Preferably more cage, than death, thanks”. Will we survive crocodile cage diving? Will we soil ourselves inside the cage of death?

Watch the video to find out.


(Filmed with our Kaiser Baas x150 action camera and a hire GoPro from Crocosaurus Cove)

To be that close really is a thrill. As well as an experience that you will never forget. First is the anticipation as the cave moves slowly across the enclosure, ready to dunk you. Then the water hits your feet as this massive croc circles the cage. Hungry for flesh. Finally you submerge and go eye to eye through the perspex.

Crocodile cage diving - Crocosaurus Cove cage of death - Croc Selfie

Croc Selfie!

Crocosaurus may seem calm at first, but he’s always ready to pounce. Watching and waiting for you to make a mistake… Like sticking your finger through one of the drainage holes in the cage of death.

Although you won’t forget this adventure, you are still provided with a Gopro to film your one-on-one time from under the water. Plus, one of the the Crocosaurus Cove photographers is getting busy capturing your fear from the underwater viewing windows below the cage.

Still not convinced? You should be!

But, if crocodile cage diving is a little too scary for you, you can always just get your picture taken with baby croc fluffy instead.

Crocosaurus Cove

Fluffy the croc found a new place to sit

Crocosaurus cove is also a zoo, of sorts, so there is plenty to do other than risk death. You can feed the crocs with a fishing rod. Get sprayed by the incredible archerfish who spits at you with perfect aim from just below the surface of the water.

Also, visit the reptile house to see some of Australia’s many indigenous creatures – and get an air-con break from the Darwin tropical heat.

Crocosaurus Cove

Reptiles are weird!

  • Access to crocodile cage diving in the cage of death is limited to a maximum number of people each day – so book in advance to avoid disappointment and reserve the best time slot for you.


Crocodile cage diving - Crocosaurus Cove cage of death

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime experience in the Cage Of Death!

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Food & Fun – Mindil Beach Sunset Market

Everyone loves a sunset. We may even all remember a favourite from the many we have seen during our lives and travels.

We were told in advance that sunsets at Darwin’s Mindil Beach were pretty spectacular. That turned out to be an understatement. It’s going down in my Top 5 Ever and may be staying there for a long time to come.

mindil beach darwin sunset market

The colour really was this intense!

Mindil beach sunset markets

We weren’t the only ones ready for the Mindil Beach sunset!

Once you’ve seen the sunset show, you’ll probably be ready for a bite to eat. Or many bites. You are in the right place.

Thursdays and Sundays see hordes of food trucks and market stalls arrive behind Mindil beach. Almost every international cuisine you could possibly want. From Mexican to Thai. Indian to Chinese. And of course, some classic Aussie fish and chips.

Mindil beach sunset market mexican

Mexican food truck – one of the many cuisines on offer at Mindil Beach Sunset Market

The markets are bustling, Thursday being the most popular day. Aside from quelling those hunger pangs, you can find arts and crafts as well as some more outback good. Didgeridoos and whips! Yes, a whole stall dedicated to whip paraphernalia – perfect for all you cattle herders out there.

Mindil beach Sunset Market

Mick’s Whips! For all your whipping needs.

You can even watch those whips in action with various whip related entertainment going on – this is not as kinky as it sounds. Think more whips on fire!

Or just grab your food truck chow and head back to the beach to eat with your feet in the sand.

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