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Eating Whole Deep Fried Pigeon inc. Head & Organs

Pigeon2TOMMO EATS SOMETHING TERRIBLE. People eat pigeon in western society, nothing terrible about that, but generally the meat would be presented in a pleasing and non-controversial way… Not so in Hong Kong. The deep fried head is placed delightfully on top of the rest of the meat and if you are lucky – I was – you’ll get an internal organ surprise left inside the rib cage too!

Its somewhat hard to say if this dish should even be listed in the category of terrible food. Compared to eating cow labia, penis, insects and some of the other weird shit I’ve stuffed down my gullet over the last few years, whole pigeon is pretty tame! However, I guess for many westerners, it’s the initial presentation with the decapitated head that makes this a strange dish worth a mention!

Once you get passed the aesthetic qualities, the pigeon meat itself is actually delicious! Tasting somewhere between duck and goose. I don’t particularly recommend tucking into the head or neck but its worth a go!