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Masskara Festival VIDEO (Bacolod, Philippines)

This is one of the most colourful festivals in Asia and, unlike Holi in India, you don’t need to get coated in paint in order to attend. It is still mostly a local festival but go soon as the word is getting out and it becomes more commercial and international every year.

In this video we experience the final day of the festival, the highlight of which is the street dancing & costume competition. Barangays (administrative regions) compete, all hoping to be crowned as the top group.

It’s hot, its kinetic and we may find some beer too…

Lets jump into Masskara Festival 2013!

How Can I get involved in the Masskara Festival?

The Masskara festival is held in Bacolod, Philippines every year for up to 20 days from early October. The street dancing competition is the final Sunday of the festival, which falls on the 3rd weekend of the month. For more info, and photos, read our other Masskara Festival 2013 article.

Clown Mask - Masskara Festival 2013

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