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The best 17 wildlife photos from the last 17 months

We’ve bumped into our fair share of critters over the last 17 months – here are some of the best pictures from our encounters!


Cute baby tiger at tiger kingdom


Meeting the baby tigers at Tiger Kingdom (Chiang Mai), was amazing!

Soldier crabs, Gold Coast

As soon as you walk close to these Soldier crabs they bury themselves in the sand – call themselves soldiers!
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Orangutans, Sepilok, Borneo

The Orangutans in the jungles of Borneo were a photographers dream. This one with a 12 day old baby!
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Red Panda, Alma Park Zoo

Pretty sure this guy saw me with the camera and thought what is the silliest pose I can sit in?

Seagull, Broadbeach, Gold Coast

“This is my post!”

Manta Ray, Gold coast

Quite a few attempts in order to get this awesome “Face to face” pic.

Rainbow Parakeet, Tambourine mountain

 This rainbow parakeet has got my number – staring me out!

Dingo, at Alma park zoo

Dingos have a bit of a reputation in this country…

Talk to the elephants! River Kwai

Mrs Doolittle can talk to the animals too… Read more about our stay on the River Kwai

Pelican, Gold Coast

 We’ve seen quite a few pelicans on the Gold Coast.

Hermit crab, Sunshine coast

 A hermit crab sneaking around on the Sunshine Coast


Oriental-dwarf-kingfisher, Borneo

 The Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher perching and looking colourful in Borneo

Cheeky Monkeys, Erawan Waterfalls

 The Wild monkeys at Erawan Waterfalls (Thailand) were certainly not afraid of tourists!
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Lizard, Shelly beach, Manly.

 This Lizard poses for us at Shelly Beach, Manly (Sydney)
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Koala, Alma park Zoo

 Awesome koala poking his head round the tree.

Orangutans, Sepilok, Borneo
More from the Orangutans in Borneo – because they were so awesome! Another mother with an older baby
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Angry Birds, Singapore


These pesky birds are everywhere! This time in Singapore airport.