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Chiang Mai, Thailand. Elephants, Tigers and Temples!

Chiang Mai, Thailand. Elephants, Tigers and Temples!

One year ago we were visiting Chiang Mai in Thailand. Chiang Mai has a relaxed vibe, is not overly touristy and the amazingly welcoming attitude of the Thai people themselves all lift this city to be one of our favourite places in the world. In a reminiscent mood, I figured a photo blog would help me translate the essence of this fantastic destination, and the wonderful experiences we had. Chiang Mai is somewhere we’ll be going back to one day…



Food - Anthony Bourdain quoteThe Chiang Mai Markets are Varied and exciting! The Food options are out of this world!

Chiang Mai Saturday Market - Busy

The markets are also crowded… You can even get your portrait done… on an iPad!

Insects at the Chiang Mai Walking Market

Some of the food items may not be as appetising to everyone, like these insects!
If you want to see the video of Tommo devouring some of these tasty morsels then visit our blog on eating insects.

⇒ Click Here to listen and learn about the fascinating (& surprisingly recent) history of Thailand’s National Dish – Pad Thai on our Travel & Food Podcast “The Dish”

Baan Thai Cooking School

If you’d prefer to cook up something a little more traditional, why not take a cooking class with “Baan Thai“.

Wat Phra Singh - Elephant on Temple

(Wat Phra Singh)
Chiang Mai has a LOT of temples. Hire a Songathew or Tuc-Tuc for the afternoon and see them all!

Girl at wat Doi Suthep

Head out of town and visit the most famous temple in the area: Wat Doi Suthep

Girl on Dragon Steps at Wat Doi Suthep

The Stairs leading up to the Wat Doi Suthep are the best way to
get in – Don’t pay for the lift, take the stairs!

Wat Jedyod, Chiang Mai, Thailand

“Wat Jedyod” is one of the lesser visited and lesser maintained of Chiang Mai’s temples.
Head to the outskirts of town to get off the tourist trail and see this classic building that hasn’t been modernised.

Tommo Sitting on a crocodile

Getting to ride, and then kiss, a crocodile was an unexpected highlight of the trip.
Read more about this experience in our Fun For A Fiver section.

Megsy & Tommo on a muddy elephant

 Our first time riding elephants bareback was amazing! Especially taking them for a mudbath.
Read more about becoming a Mahout (elephant trainer) in Thailand.


Young Tiger at Tiger Kingdon, Chiang Mai

How could we miss the chance to get up close and personal with tigers!? We couldn’t…
You can read more about our tiger times here.

Scarecrow on Trek

We were amused to see an “armed” scarecrow whilst trekking through the rice paddies.