Why Visiting Cambodian Orphanages Doesn’t Help, But THIS Does

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Coming to Cambodia it is instantly obvious that there is a severe amount of poverty. Cambodia is still trying to catch up with the rest of the world after the devastation of the Pol Pot era, and in a country where at least 50% of the population is under 15 you will notice people doing whatever they can to make a buck. These days there is a growing trend in …

How to live abroad cheap & comfortable for less than $7 per day

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Does $7 per day sound impossible? If you are reading this you are curious as to how to do it. The good news is, it is possible. The bad news is, comfort is a relative concept. As a couple pushing 30 (pushing it really hard!) you arrive at a point where sleeping on cold hard floors and living off bowls of plain rice is not an ideal travel experience. In …

Anchor Beer, Cambodia

The Top 5 Must Try Asian Beers

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Asian Beers have a reputation for being weak flavoured, watery lagers. Although alcohol content varies, taste lies in the same ballpark, regardless of brand. I wanted to put together a top 10 list… I couldn’t. I have actually failed in finding 10 beers of note in the whole of East Asia. I could easily bulk out this list with some sub standard products but who would that help? There were …

Phare - Cambodia Circus

The Best Attraction (You didn’t know about) in Siem Reap, Cambodia?

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The Must See Attraction in Siem Reap (other than that famous temple complex…what was it called again?) is not what you might expect. Amazingly, on trip advisor this is the first “non-temple” on the list of best attractions and even beats Angkor Wat in the ratings! Come One Come All to Phare – The Cambodia Circus!!! Phare is an Arts program based in Battambang offering disadvantaged children who have come …