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Can you eat Stingray? Yes! And its Delicious.

Can you eat Stingray? Yes! And its Delicious.
Only $2 for a tasty serving of deadly stingray…

Food: Stingray
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

With its thick leathery looking skin and its now infamous reputation for killing Steve Irwin with a barb to the heart, Stingray does not instantly sound like something you’d serve at your dinner party.

In fact it was something I was surprised to see on a menu so I had to try it…





Stingray just tastes like fish. Thats it. I certainly prefer it to be food rather than foe, thats for sure. Still if you manage to find some to eat it makes a good story for your friends.

“Terrible Taste” Rating: 2/10
“Shock Value” Rating: 8/10
“Icky” Rating: 5/10

TEST score: 5/10

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