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Eating Live Octopus! Busan, South Korea (Video)

Food: Live Octopus (just!)
Location: Busan, South Korea.
Eating Korean Live Octopus

Eating Korean Live Octopus

The Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan is about what you expect from Asian fish markets, the fish are super fresh because they are still alive!

It was the first port of call for the day and we were in need of breakfast… What better than live octopus, well, almost live, it had been dead about 30 seconds when we started eating it and it was still wriggling around the plate! The suckers were still in full working order, so you have to be careful when trying to swallow! (Thats what she said…)

Eating Korean Live Octopus


Chewy! Very Chewy! and sticky, really sticky! it does not want to be eaten and there was some concern it would climb back up your throat. The flavour is pretty mild, but the texture is like chewing cartilage, it took us 10 minutes plus to get through half the plate and we had to give up… stick to cooked octopus me thinks! 

“Terrible Taste” Rating: 7/10
“Shock Value” Rating: 9/10
“Icky” Rating: 8/10

TEST score: 9/10

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