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Travel Accessories You Can’t Live Without

Travel Accessories You Can’t Live Without

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Travelling has become a very common aspect of our lives. Some do it out of necessity and some for fun. Either way, almost everyone has to travel at some point for some reason. Therefore, any traveler needs to know of all the accessories you can’t live without when traveling. Keeping that in mind, we compiled this list of 9 things that can come in handy regardless of where you are traveling.

Prescription Sunglasses

Many lists across the internet talk about accessories that you can’t travel without but hardly any of them mention prescription sunglasses, hearing aids, or other necessary accessories. If you forget them or lose them, you will have to get the new ones at the new place you are visiting. It may not seem like that big of a deal but when you are traveling to other countries it may cause some problems. Sometimes there can be language barriers you’ll have to deal with and replacing your prescription sunglasses could be difficult. Getting stylish women’s prescription sunglasses or even men’s as well could also be a concern so be prepared and have a backup pair. 

Document and Digital Organizers

Nothing is more important when traveling than your documents, especially the passport. You can look up the recommendations for the best document organizers. There are plenty of stores that offer really good document organizers.

Everyone today has at least a phone and/or laptop that they travel with, and of course, their chargers. But things can get easily misplaced or tangled. So, of equal importance are the digital organizers for all your cables, plugs, adaptors, and chargers. It would be best to look for a waterproof one for some extra protection.

Must-Have Gadgets

In the time of globalization and the internet, everyone travels with a handful of gadgets. They can be a phone, laptop, headphones, portable Wi-Fi, power banks, etc. But which ones are must to keep?

  • A travel adapter that comes with multiple types of ports for all your chargeable devices and can plug in any socket. In case you think you will need more ports, throw in a multi USB charger too.
  • Portable Wi-Fi is a must today for almost everyone. Look for the ones that work in most countries and if possible, work as a portable charger too.
  • For business travelers or those traveling for a special occasion, small steam irons are important since you never know if you will find such services in the destination country. 
  • Noise-canceling headphones have become a necessity for traveling these days. Travelling is tiring and I’m sure you would prefer it to be peaceful when you want to take a nap. For some, it is easy to sleep even if someone is beating the drum around them but for many others, utter peace and silence are a must for a nap.
  • Last but not least is a power bank. Regardless of where you want to go, you will always need to make sure your phones are charged especially if you like playing online games like Freecell solitaire. In long travels where you cannot plug in the chargers, power banks save the day. So invest in some good ones.

Money Belt and Padlocks

In a foreign place, it is common to feel unsafe and unsure of your surroundings. Such worries can ruin your trip, so make sure to keep a padlock and money belt with you, and keep your belongings safe. You never know how uncommon padlocks are in some places, so always keep some with you instead of hoping to buy them later. Instead of holding a wallet or a bag, a money belt will give you mental peace as well as safety for your things. They are inexpensive and lightweight.

Microfiber Towels and Mini Soaps

You might not realize this but in some places (especially hostels), you will not find bathrooms equipped with some basic necessities. Instead of worrying about it when you arrive, always keep quick-absorbing microfiber towels and mini soaps like disposable soap paper. This way you will not be caught out even if you do run into any trouble.

Travel Bottle and Water Purifier Bottle

At security lines in the airports, many people face the problems of keeping liquid below a set limit. In such times, squeezable travel bottles can prove to be the best choice. They are not only good for keeping shampoos and makeup but also for salad dressing or ketchup and mustard if you just can’t live without that familiar taste from home.

Another bottle you should always pack is a water purifier. Many travelers face health problems due to the impurity of water. In places like this, these bottles save the day.

Convertible Backpack

Regardless of where you are going, it is essential to have a backpack to carry your stuff throughout the day. On that note, you do not want to attract unnecessary attraction towards your laptop and DSLR cameras. So, what you are looking for is a basic-looking but functional backpack.

Travel Pillow

It depends on personal preference when it comes to travel pillow because some people do not like to carry this bulky awkward item around. However, when it comes to functionality, long-distance travelers can vouch for its need. Regardless of your type of transport, a travel pillow always gives you the comfort you yearn while napping along the way to your next destination.

Packing Cubes

Blindly feeling around for something in your suitcase or rummaging through your stuff twenty times a day every time you need something can be very frustrating. To avoid such unnecessary hassle, keeping a few packing cubes with you on your trips would be a great idea. They are especially useful when a travel buddy and you share the suitcase. With these little helpers, your packing and unpacking experience will become twice as efficient.