Kyaukme Trekking by Motorbike

VIDEO: Kyaukme Trekking by Motorbike to meet the Palaung tribes (Myanmar)

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Our 3 day Moto-trek from Kyaukme in Burma’s Shan state was one of the best experiences we had during our whole month travelling through Myanmar.

Dogged by storms and some of the worst roads in the world (“Road” is a poor word to describe them) we powered through and got to homestay with real Palaung people in the mountains, eating home cooked food, learning about their culture and enjoying a truly authentic experience off the tourist trail.

This video is our story as we pass amazing scenery and try to avoid the rain!

Lets go Kyaukme Trekking!


To learn more about our experience and how to have a similar one for yourself, read Megsy’s blog on the subject – lots of pretty pictures too!

Kyaukme trekking by Motorbike

We liked Myanmar so much we even wrote a book about it!!!