Xiaolongbao, Shanghai

15 Best Foods in Asia and where to find them

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Do you love Asian food? So do we. This is our guide to the best foods in Asia! Taste is always subjective. One man’s spicy is another man’s uncontrollable, red faced pain. One woman’s sweet is another woman’s diabetic nightmare. As foodie travellers there is one thing we can promise – We’ve eaten a lot. In doing so, we’ve drawn a bunch of comparisons in order to compile this list. One …

Thingyan Water Festival Myanmar

021 Thingyan: The wildest water fight on earth (Burma)

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Yangon Podcast Episode 021: Thingyan Festival (Burma): The wildest water fight on Earth! Listen NOW! Subscribe on iTunes WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK We love to hear from listeners about how we can improve the show or what you love about it already. You can email us using the contact form in the footer of this page or tweet @5dollartravel [tweetthis]My comment is…[/tweetthis] What do you want in the show? Are we …

how to find budget accommodation in Myanmar

How to Find Budget Accommodation in Burma (Myanmar)

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Cheap accommodation in Burma is scarce. Since Burma became a growing part of the SE Asia tourist trail in 2010, the country has changed a lot. Tourism has grown much faster than the infrastructure to support it. Although new accommodation is popping up, information about it is hard to find. Lonely planet (2012 edition) “picks” are swamped with tourists during high season. This has lead to massive price rises and …

Best and Worst Travel of Asia 2013

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12 countries, hundreds of towns and cities and well over 40,000KM covered – 2013 has been quite a year for travel! (Click here to see our full route and where we have been this year). But, if we were to do it all again, where would we long to go back to and where would we give a miss? There are so many lists of “Best places to visit” but we …

Thingyan (Myanmar) vs Songkran. Which one should you go to? (w/ Video)

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The Buddhist new year celebrations of Songkran (Thailand) and Thingyan 2014 (Burma) are on their way! These massive water fights run for 4 days from 13th April to 16th April and are some of the most fun you’ll have in your life! But which one is best? In 2013 we decided to experience the water festivals in BOTH of the two best countries to do so – Myanmar (Formerly Burma) and …

Burma Travel (Myanmar): the Best and Worst from Yangon to Mandalay

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Burma (Myanmar) is an up and coming destination, since the advent of democracy in 2010 tourism has grown fast and many predict that tourism is set to boom there in the near future. This was certainly evident while we were there. Its been a few months since we left Burma and we often discuss certain things we miss… or never want to experience again! So here is our retrospective guide …

What is Burmese Cuisine? What Myanmar Foods Should I Try?

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Burmese cuisine is a fusion of Thai, Indian, Chinese and a mixture of smaller local tribal influences like “Shan”, “Mon” and others. Touring around Burma we found regional dishes that would be available in most restaurants but they became unfindable in the next state over. We also found some staples that were everywhere – especially Chinese BBQ! In this article we’ll look at typical street food as well as some of the …

Nylon hotel, mandalay. Double room

Nylon Hotel Mandalay, Myanmar. (Review, Video & Contact)

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The most important thing when choosing a guesthouse in Mandalay is that they have a 24hr generator so that the fan will still run when the somewhat frequent power-cuts occur… Mandalay is a big city and like Yangon this means a large selection of Guest Houses of varying prices. We found it tricky to find a double ensuite room under $20, but the rooms we saw at about that price …

Yee Shin Guesthouse, Hsipaw

Yee Shin Guest House Hsipaw, Myanmar. (Review, Video, Contact)

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The latest addition to the Hsipaw guesthouse market is Yee Shin Guest house, right in the centre of town. Yee Shin is a mini Chinese business empire in Hsipaw, next door to the guesthouse is a large hardware store, they also have a bus company! The guesthouse itself told us they “Sometimes” accept foreigners. Burma is an interesting country in this respect, there are rules but if those rules get …

Kyaukme Trekking by Motorbike

VIDEO: Kyaukme Trekking by Motorbike to meet the Palaung tribes (Myanmar)

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Our 3 day Moto-trek from Kyaukme in Burma’s Shan state was one of the best experiences we had during our whole month travelling through Myanmar. Dogged by storms and some of the worst roads in the world (“Road” is a poor word to describe them) we powered through and got to homestay with real Palaung people in the mountains, eating home cooked food, learning about their culture and enjoying a …