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How to time travel back to the 12th Century – Tallin, Estonia

How to time travel back to the 12th Century – Tallin, Estonia

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travel to estoniaIts not a Hollywood set, its very much a real and historical town that is still lived in today. Tallin is like the fantasy land of fairy tales, with history dating back over 5000 years and medieval building as old as 1050AD, you can see why this UNESCO site is something very special.

Very few town in Europe can be seen and visited with so many well preserved building of this age and a feeling that the whole town is still living in the middle ages – Tallin is an enchanting place!
Better still for our Five Dollar Travellers, entrance to the old town is $free! Walk in and soak up the Ambiance!In this Blog we take a walk around the various historic sites….

travel to estonia

After Estonia gained independence from The Soviet Union in 1991, Tallin regained its title as capital. There is a new city and a medieval city… you know why we are here!

With Narrow cobbled street you will be doing a lot of walking, but really thats a good thing, getting lost in the maze and accidentally finding an awesome cafe or historic building is exactly the sort of experience you want in a medieval city.

On arrival you are greeted by the outerwalls and a selection of gates (We entered from the ferry terminal end of town). Just keep walking up hill!

We made a b-line for the town hall square. This area is filled with cafes and bars and the hustle and bustle of tourists… you can look elsewhere for a quite corner, but not here! Still, it was breakfast time and we figured that meant beer-o-clock… it was almost 10am after all!

travel to estonia
Town Hall Square

A tasty breakfast bap was what the doctor ordered, and being Europe, we had no trouble ordering a breakfast beer to go along with it!

travel to estonia
Breakfast, inc. beer!

Continuing our journey through the winding streets we made our way to the high point of the trip – quite literarily – Toompea Hill, the highest point in the old town and a great vantage point for photographs. Its easy to see why the original fort was built on this hill, clearly a military advantage.

travel to estonia
View from Toompea Hill

Walking back through the old town, spotting doughnuts through the gates of what could easily have been someones private residence, but was in fact a cafe, we stopped for greasy dough and a glass of Mead – what else would you drink in a medieval town but Queen Elizabeth’s favourite tipple?!

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