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10 Apps Students Need to Use When Traveling

10 Apps Students Need to Use When Traveling

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When you are in college, traveling can be a great way to become more mature, get to know yourself and the world, and gain a variety of other benefits. Luckily, these days, any student can take a trip to a new place with ease. All you need is to be equipped with the right tools. Read on, and we will tell you about the top 10 apps that you need to use to make your experience as a tourist pleasant and carefree!

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Probably the biggest struggle of student travelers is combining their adventures with studying. Traveling during holidays is not always possible because it often falls into the high season. However, traveling during an academic year is even harder because you either need to sacrifice your time to study or risk getting low grades or even getting expelled.

Luckily, PaperWriter offers a simple solution. This is a trusted write my research paper where you can get professional help with your papers and homework. With this app, you will be able to combine traveling with studying with ease. And most importantly, you will know that your grades remain high. So it’s definitely the first tool you need to keep at hand when setting off on an adventure.


When traveling within your state or country, you could get around by car or train to save money. However, if you want to discover the world and visit other countries, you will likely have to take flights. Since we all know that plane tickets can be pretty expensive for a student’s budget, here’s the second app you will definitely need – Skyscanner.

This app is great for finding affordable flights. It lets you search for both direct and layover flights. Moreover, the search results will include options from different airlines so that you can compare prices and pick something that works for you.


Student tourists rarely have enough money for vacation tour packages or hotels. Instead, they often tend to travel on their own as backpackers. That is, they pack light and prefer to stay in hostels for saving reasons. If that sounds like you, there is one more application that you will find helpful.

Hostelworld is a tool designed specifically for finding budget-friendly accommodations. It will help you discover and book the most pocket-friendly hostels and guesthouses with ease.


Speaking about affordable accommodations for young tourists, this is another tool that can help. Airbnb is widely known as one of the world’s largest resources for affordable travel accommodations.

Using it, you can find rooms, apartments, houses, trailers, and other types of accommodations all over the world. Most importantly, Airbnb offers you accommodations directly from owners, which explains pocket-friendly prices. And it also features a calendar with price changes to let you pick the best time for your stay.


Once you find the needed tickets and accommodations, there might be one more issue facing you. In some cases, especially when using layover flights or having multiple destinations, it can be hard to stay organized. And that’s what TripIt is for.

This app helps you organize all your travel plans in one place. With its help, you can carefully plan your flights, hotels, and activities and always keep your plan at hand.

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Google Maps

Visiting new cities can always be challenging. You need to be able to navigate an unknown area to avoid getting lost. And while this might not be too big of a problem if you are in your home country, this can be a real challenge when you travel abroad and don’t know the language to ask for directions. In this case, Google Maps is all you need.

We bet that all of you know this tool. This great application lets you navigate unfamiliar places and find the best routes to your destination with ease. It allows you to build routes and receive instructions in real time, and it also helps you find different sites, restaurants, and other places. So you definitely need it as a tourist.


Unlike Google Maps, Yelp won’t help you get directions to navigate new areas. However, it’s perfect for finding local restaurants, bars, and cafes to eat out. The best thing about it is that it features real reviews from locals and other travelers that will help you pick the best places during your trips.


Another big stumbling point in navigating a new city is transportation. Needless to say, taxis are too expensive for students. But public transport can be pretty tricky to use when you aren’t local. So, finally, one more tool for seamless navigation is Citymapper.

This tool is particularly useful in larger cities. It provides detailed public transportation routes, including real-time schedules and disruptions. With its help, you will be able to take public transport anywhere in the world and get to wherever you need.

XE Currency

If we are talking about international tours, the next app is just irreplaceable. XE Currency helps you navigate unknown currencies like a pro. With its help, you can convert prices on the go to easily understand the value of the money you’re spending.

Google Translate

Lastly, we have to admit that visiting foreign countries is always associated with relevant language problems. Even if you’ve learned a foreign language, communicating with locals and understanding them can be hard. And that’s why you need to use Google Translate.

This app is one of the best ones for visiting a foreign country. It allows you to translate literally everything. There is a text translation option. Also, you can take a picture of something, for example, a sign or menu, and translate it too. And there is even a live conversation mode that will allow you to communicate with locals in real-time.

The Bottom Line

Traveling is both exciting and overwhelming. It is associated with a variety of problems and challenges. But the good news is that there are easy ways to overcome them all.

After reading this article, you have a list of the most helpful apps that help students travel with ease. Use them during your adventures to have the best experience!