What is Burmese Cuisine? What Myanmar Foods Should I Try?

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Main Dishes (Fusion)

Burmese Cuisine that definitely didn’t originate in the area but has become an integral part of Myanmar food culture.

Burmese Cuisine: Dishes_Chicken Fried Rice Chicken/vegetable Fried Rice

Yes, don’t worry, the ever pervasive fried rice is in Burma too, if you are having an unadventurous day this is always an option!


Myanmar Foods: Dishes_Bamboo Shoot Curry

Myanmar Foods: Dishes Mutton Curry

Indian Curry (Set Meal)

The two main styles of indian cuisine we encounters in Burma were chapatis/rotis (Sold by street vendors) and full curry meals, which are like a set menu. You may be surprised when you look at an indian restaurant menu as to the inflated prices, in actual fact it is because you normally are choosing one dish and then a barrage of accompaniments are included. Expect to pay at lease 1500 kyat for a set menu. Chapatis with a curry dip can be as cheap as 100 kyat up to 500 kyat.

Burmese Cuisine: Dishes_Chinese Tofu and VegChinese Food

Like everywhere else in the world, Chinese food is all over the place! Burma is especially infested with it, which is good because who doesn’t like Chinese food? From your basic Sweet & Sour to Tofu & Vegetables (Pictured above) too some more unusual choices such as fried pigs liver, Burma has no shortage!

Burmese Cuisine: Dishes_Thai Pork in Coconut

 Thai Food (Pork in coconut – pictured)

Sharing a border with Thailand, its no surprise that Thai food is wildly available. A lot of restaurant will have a specific “Thai Menu” section whilst not specialising in Thai cuisine, so feel free to have a complete fusion meal of multiple countries!

Dishes_Pizza Burmese style

Western Food

With the arrival of mass tourism to Burma, its no surprise that western food is becoming more available – but very expensive! We had one western meal during our month in Burma, Pizza! At 6000 kyat for a small ham pizza that tastes like one you get from the supermarket (although they do genuinely make them fresh), if you can wait til you get back to the west you will be less disappointed.

We also saw club sandwiches, Burgers, and fries. Beware, even with western food the bread will still be sweet like brioche.


Chinese BBQ!

We saw BBQ in every town. Often with similar selections, meats, veg, tofu. Often you’ll find the BBQs attached to draught beer stations – a nice combo! Expect to pay 600kyat for Myanmar draught (500 kyat for Dagon Beer – which we hated). There are two types of BBQ, those that use coals, and those that deep fry. Check before you order (They are all open kitchen) if you can’t see a charcoal grill then get ready for a deep-fried, calorific, heart clogging extravaganza…

Burmese Cuisine: BBQ_Burmese BBQ

Grab a plastic basket, put any sticks you want in it and then hand it to the chef!

Burmese Cuisine: BBQ Okra

BBQ Okra (Lady’s Finger)

Burmese Cuisine: BBQ_Awesome BBQ Potato

Mini BBQ potatoes

We fell in love with these! Sweet, tasty morsels of potato goodness at only 100kyat a stick!

Burmese Cuisine: BBQ_Chinese BBQ in Burma

BBQ Duck, Chicken wrapped around veg (carrot and something green) and the unmissable mini-potatoes!


Sides & Salads & Snacks (Fusion)


Burmese Cuisine: Sides_Chickpea Salad

 Chickpea Salad

Not so typical as other salads listed earlier, but still done with a Burmese twist (oil) – the mint was a nice addition on this occasion.

Burmese Cuisine: Sides_Fried Tofu Salad

 Tofu Salad

If you were after a healthy salad then this is not the meal for you…but you can tell that just by looking at it! A delicious snack with deep fried dirty awesome tofu.

Myanmar Foods: Sides_Tasty China Snack

 Snacks from China!

The equivalent of 7-elevens in Burma are the many family run corner stores. These particular wheat and sugar based crispy treats, supposedly imported from China, were awesome. 500kyat for a pack of 8 treats.

We liked Myanmar so much we even wrote a book about it!!!

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